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The BusUncle Code!

In the business class lounge at BKK waiting to get back finally (blog to come! Dudes, you have no idea!) reading the SCMP and I think it was in was the letter or feedback columns - this interesting fact (it was in print so it's gotta be true!):

More people have streamed the Bus Uncle video at YouTube than have watched The DaVinci Code movie.

E@L think Ron Howard have pressure!


Umm. E@L tyro journalist here, checking the facts post publication...

Views at YouTube - about 150,000.

Bums on seats for The DaVinci Code - 1,120,000 and that's just in Brazil up to 21st May.

Maybe they meant attendance in Hong Kong only. Don't have those numbers to hand. Check back for details. Or not.

Would have been good if it were true.



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 06, 06 | 12:53 am | Profile


Although, really, the Bus Uncle video is probably more worth seeing than the Da Vinci Code.

Posted by: TheScrewySkeptic on Jun 06, 06 | 12:41 pm

Did you follow the link to "the Norman Rockwell Code"? - amusing Don Knotts type comedy spoof - the cryptologst and the symbologist are comparing arcane knowledge -"Hey, we should team up and play Trivial Pursuit!"

Bit of a dig at Tom Hanks and Ron Howard collaborations of the past.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 06, 06 | 2:46 pm


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