All Our Penis Are Attached To Your Mom

Pissing myself at the latest real-life viral -- sorry most of you HK people may know of this already but it's new here in E@L GHQ.


Hong Kong Bus Uncle. An 'old' (read about E@L's age) guy let's fly a torrent of typical HK abuse at a teenager on a bus after the young guy tapped him on the shoulder for talking too loud - in Hong Kong, never! - on his mobile phone. Uncle is trying to provoke a fight it would seem. The kid remains kool. Uncle later got arrested.

The Sammi Cheng dance remix - very "all your base" but no pictures, only pictograms.

There are other videos and remixes plus no doubt Uncle 'delay no more' t-shirts already available: all are linked by Dan at his prosaically titled 'Dan's ExPat Life, SEAsia' blog, who in his turn got the nod from BWG.

I hope I am not aggress you.


I had not seen Dan's blog before, but I don't stay in much. He appears to live in Bangkok and, like most expats who have moved through the area, he misses Hong Kong!

Don't we all dude? It is the universal cry of The Expat Diaspora slogging it out in the less enjoyable resting points on The Expat Circuit...



Posted by: expat@large on May 28, 06 | 10:32 am | Profile


Best post title EVER!!!

Posted by: HKMacs on May 28, 06 | 11:44 am

aaw thanks - sometimes I have these flashes of competence...

Posted by: expat@large on May 28, 06 | 11:57 am

Thanks for the hat tip E@L.

Yup, in Bangers now, travelling about the region very frequently as it appears you do. I've done my time in Japan, HK, Malaysia, Sillypore and Thailand twice. Each have their own things one misses when not there, even if you did not appreciate it when you lived there.

And this is one of those things I miss about HK. Just that a silly little brew-ha-ha can turn into new thread of culture and several people have found a way to make money on it. Priceless. I also miss my condo in Happy Valley where I could watch the Wed races from the balcony, and Old China Hand and Dusk til Dawn and...

Posted by: Dan at ExPatLife on May 28, 06 | 2:40 pm


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