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Nude Lip On The Blog (2) - Missing Role Model

I am SO conscious of my upper lip. It is too long! It is too floppy and pouty. I look in the mirror and I can't stop pursing my lips, licking them, making silly faces. Self conscious to the max.

Though I think I do look younger.

And God do I look like my three uncles! (Who all had heart attacks before they reached 60.) I guess I look like my father too, but I never met him - he died at 38 when I was but a wee babe. I only have his wedding photos and some war-time ones to guage our resemblance.

Why have I kept the little "metrosexual bit" under the lip? As I said to Indy, partly for a continuing tribute to Joyce, everybody's insufferably egotistical writing hero, and partly because I have no other male role model (with a floppy too-long upper lip that need hiding). I have run through such a series of strange facial hair constructions I could been a rap star.

I am contemplating a post on my father. Dad? Pop? Harry? What would I have called him? What little I know of him... Still running over some ideas in my head. He may be a stronger influence in my life than I had previously admitted to myself, or even been aware of. My sister has always been saying how his absence has profoundly shaped her with a strong need for approval.

I always rejected this without really contemplating that I might have such a personality too. Perhaps I don't really know myself. Then, I am thinking about why I am blogging and if it's not an unappeasable plea for approval and praise, then what is it?

More to come. I think. Maybe too personal. Maybe I am too young to be writing my memoirs.

Or maybe I better write them before my brain gives out totally.



Posted by: expat@large on May 20, 06 | 7:36 pm | Profile


I myself prefer the clean shaven look........

Posted by: Mia on May 21, 06 | 8:36 am

Note to potential boyfriends of Mia: get a Philips Bodygroom!

Posted by: expat@large on May 21, 06 | 2:40 pm


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