Nude Lip On The Blog

This is the only the second time since 1978 that this upper lip has seen the light, sans moustaches.


The last time E@L shaved off his labial caterpillar was 1982. His wife at the time ran screaming from the bed and slept in the spare room - "I don't KNOW this person!" she said. The other times she ran screaming from the bed were the result of different... things.

Don't cry everybody. It's only a temporary state of affairs, to clear the obvious dry red skin issues, at least for a while. Unless you think E@L looks better this way?

The exacerbation of the visibility of those prominent nasal hairs is going to be a long-term issue.



Posted by: expat@large on May 20, 06 | 3:01 am | Profile


So this is what you do the morning after the night

You missed a bit. ~grin~ or are you being metrosexual?

Posted by: Indiana on May 20, 06 | 10:19 am

Moi? Pretentious metrosexual, dahling?

Non. Just keeping a little bit of J A Joyce adulation alive. Oh wow, how pretentious did THAT sound?

I rubbed my itchy beard and about 3 tonne of dried skin floated down onto the keyboard at work yesterday. This was premeditated, but the vino provided the courage for the last hurdle, actually shaving it off. Even though the eyebrows have the same problem, they are staying on. Luckily I didn't have a Black Russkie or three or they might have come off...

Posted by: expat@large on May 20, 06 | 7:35 pm

It looks like Shane Warne's gob!

Posted by: rambeaux2 on May 20, 06 | 11:53 pm

Actually, you look more like the dude behind the desk from the Bristow cartoons now than when you had a Mo...

Posted by: rambeaux2 on May 20, 06 | 11:55 pm

I did notice something was different the other night. You said some facial hair was missing, and I just couldn't figure out where it was missing from.

Posted by: Smootie on May 23, 06 | 4:00 pm


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