Guess What's Still Not Working.

a) E@L's brain after drinks with Indy. What time does Wala Wala close? I want to know so I can figure out what time I got home.

b) E@L's 42" Plasma screen TV. Sur-prise sur-prise sur-prise.

As I said, after 5 weeks in the service centre, they brought back the tuner box and plugged it in with an "Orso now can try. Testing cannot."

And it hasn't helped at all. Watching Josey Wales on Thurdsay night, it dissolved in a mush of colours again. The fault is obviously in the Plasma screen itself. There are no spares in Singapore. Until Monday call them cannot, is it.

Shit. The footy is on.



Posted by: expat@large on May 13, 06 | 5:08 pm | Profile


I got home at 2, so I guess you got home after that ~grin~ Today the world has been a tad fuzzy.

Posted by: Indiana on May 13, 06 | 5:24 pm

Well, let's see. I received the lovey-dovey drunk dial at 1pm my, yes, he got home around 2am.

If you were in as much of a drunken state as he, then man, you MUST have been hurting Saturday morning!

Posted by: Indy's Girl on May 15, 06 | 11:33 am

He didn't do a D&D did he? Shame!

I was too gone for that, plus I have no-one to call, so I passed out on the bed in all my clothes. First time I have ever done that.

He's a bbbbbaaaaaaaddddddd boy.

I was expected to be a professional next day at a confernece. I couldn't remember where any of the buttons were on our machine. Much debilitated was I.

It was Noticed...

Posted by: expat@large on May 15, 06 | 11:44 am


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