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I think I have mentioned this product before. No doubt Philips are happy for a super-popular blog like E@L's to feed their insatiable viral marketing appettites. Ordinarily I'd say, fuck 'em. But this *is* amusing.

What is my opinion on Philips products in general? After having worked with them for 5 years, I know that some product divisions cut corners, but this one REALLY TRIMS THOSE CORNERS!

This is a new campaign for their Bodygroom back, shoulder, scrotum, penis and arsehole water-resistant hair trimmer.

It's very VERY well done.


You need the latest Flash player. Make sure you ask some tricky questions on the interactive section.

WARNING: Lip readers may find some of the ad offensive.

(via Matt)


Other than that Philips are not necessarily in my good books. I won't know until I get some time to sit and watch TV or a DVD or forty-five.

The Philips service division *finally* returned my PlasmaTV tuner today after having it in their workshop for over FIVE WEEKS! They had not been able to test it because I have the only matching TV screen in Singapore. The guy shrugged, plugged it in and ... BLEEP - the DVD came out in B&W! He changed over the connectors and then everything worked OK, in glorious colour. No sign of the washy ghosts that preceed the colour issues.

The problems previously, after it first conked out when only 6 weeks old, only became evident after 30mins to 1hr. All the colours and grayscale went haywire as I have mentioned. He said he had no idea if he had fixed the problem. He had just replaced the main components. If the problem is in the plasma screen itself, I'll find out soon enough.

"Call me," he says.

Too right I fucking will!



Posted by: expat@large on May 09, 06 | 8:57 pm | Profile


There is something wrong about that Philips ad... but's it's still as funny as hell.

Posted by: Indiana on May 10, 06 | 10:55 am

Seriously wrong...

Seriously funny...

Posted by: expat@large on May 10, 06 | 11:04 am

Also I noted his hairy legs.

Posted by: expat@large on May 10, 06 | 11:05 am


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