There You Go

An entire weekend where I didn't speak to anybody. Not a living soul.*

Ah, the rich full life I always dreamed I would have in my advancing years, where is it?


Heading off on the plane to Bangkok this morning to work fill this enormous hole in my life with anonymous, depraved sex and salacious, tawdry sleaze (unless you have a better suggestion?**) and maybe catch some movies, listen to some music, read a book. Oh yeah, and work all bloody day.


*Except shop assistants and waiters. And my sister on the phone.

**Just waiting for someone to say "God" or "religion" so I can give the reply I've always wanted to give: "So what if God created the universe and all of the creatures in it, what's He done lately?"


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 24, 06 | 9:51 am | Profile



Posted by: Smootie on Apr 26, 06 | 11:53 am

That one is beyond my control. Talk to Nat. And his GF might have something to say as well.

The philoprogenetive urge is stronger in some than others.

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 26, 06 | 11:09 pm


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