Retail Therapy, sigh...


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I bought the fucking copy-protected version of JethroTull MU.

Not Functioning At E@L GHQ (Redux)

a) My iRiver MP3 player has crashed, 5GB of songs all over the place - it jumps into one song in the middle of another while the song info remains the same - obviously the mp3 files are corrupted - and there are three copies of each song on the playlist while some songs don't appear even though they ARE there... Reformatting doesn't seem to have helped.

b) Kitchen tap is dripping leaking heavily. It will do so until a plumber comes, which will be after I call one, which will be the week after next as am I off to BKK first thing on Monday morning.

c) Bath-plug is jammed in WTF?, can't have a shower as it doesn't drain away. It will remain so until a plumber comes, etc...


This extensive retail therapy hasn't even scratched the surface scum from the shittness of the things in my life.

Also, the 42" plasma TV still isn't working. A service guy came and took away the tuner box to see if that was the problem. He hasn't called back.



Posted by: expat@large on Apr 22, 06 | 3:58 pm | Profile


Jethro Tull --> very good old songs (shows my age too)

powderfinger --> very good new songs (seems to be an aussie “must have”?
mostly unknown over here)

daft punk --> maybe only a modern one hit wonder

Shostakovich --> ?

o.k. I think this very special mixture will kill every hi-fi system

Posted by: drymonsoon on Apr 24, 06 | 1:13 am


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 26, 06 | 11:10 pm

You are a Tull fan...good taste sir!

Before I got divorced, the band came to Reno to do a concert. As an excuse to get out of the house I took my son. He indulged his old man and wanted to see the guys who played the music I listened too all the time. Ian Anderson was wearing a scarf to cover his now balding head and my son kept asking me why I liked the band so much.............sigh.

Posted by: Skippy-san on Apr 29, 06 | 5:55 pm

One of the many things which makes MY son the lovable little tyke that he is, and which makes his old man proud, is his uncanny abililty to play the "Thick as a Brick" guitar finger-picking part all the way through...

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 29, 06 | 6:05 pm


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