Busy busy busy

D.R., thanks for waiting. Just a boring bit of catch-up...

I been a'working. Workin' on bein' a host with the most. This did not involve cooking, but partying and carousing and finding out things that a first-timer to Singapore might find enjoyable. (The following is not in any temporal sequence.)


Trying to hail a taxi late at night? Wrong!

Trying to find a decent live band? Ended up in Insomnia - the bands are on rotation from Hong Kong I am told. Was certainly better than last time - we didn't leave in tears of nostalgia for the expat scene in HK - but Singapore is still a tough crowd with hardly anyone dancing. There used to be a very good rock band in that otherwise crappy Via Mar, but they had finished their ToD. A taxi to Clarke Quay, but Elephant Pub had no-one playing in Good Friday... so... Wrong!

Proving that Singapore pick-up institution Top Ten in the FFoW really IS shut. And demonstrating that Singapore pick-up bars in general, and Orchard Towers in particular, are very sleazy and unattractive places.

Hawker food at Old Airport Rd. Yes! (We nearly missed the temporary venue around the back, but a nice lady at the bus-stop saw our concern and pointed us the right direction. Thanks ma'am!)

Long Island Ice Teas at Bora Bora Bar at sunset (we close at 7 - Ooohhh no you dont!) on that "plastic Hawaii", Sentosa. The "atmosphere!" was somewhat obsured by the extensive building site next door, but still, we were pissed after one very large glass of LIITs and then we had even more... Billiards, hilarity, drunken antics, jalapeno poppers! and don't let the bar staff fool you into thinking they can play pool! Oh Yes! (Photos to come.)

The only beer on a twenty page drinks list in that Tapas Bar in Emerald Hill. Can't remember much but I think the pizza was OK... (see Bora Bora Bar)

Sleep. Lie by the pool. Watch TV. YES!!!!

More wine and chilling out the sunburn itch at ole E@L favorite, The Wine Company on Dempsey Rd at the old barracks. Yes! (Even hungover Mr Grumpy felt comfortable and relaxed and then even suggested another bottle!)

Absolutely mush out-of-a-can red-curry sauce in that hyper-pushy foot-path "Thai" restaurant on Lor Telok? - yeeeuck! Wrong!

Chilling out to the bongos in Hideout (and hiding out from that horrible lady at the Thai restaurant). Andre asked me to tell you guys that they've an ANZAC night on ANZAC Day, April 25th. He just smiled and said there'd be vegemite sandwiches. Maybe even a Barbie(cue)! Sound delish, but I'll be in Bangkok that week.

Up early to cook (I lied) fried eggs on toast for their experience of E@L's culinary skills- how's that for pushing the limits! - and calling a cab. Now just briefly blogging this...


The verdict? Singapore is not a bad place to party!


But you wouldn't want to die here.


And so back to bed for a nap prior to a continuation of the festivities with a BBQ at some other ex-HK friends' place later this arvo...



Posted by: expat@large on Apr 16, 06 | 10:46 am | Profile


Top 10 closed? It was when I was there in March, but I had hopes it would be open by now. The rest of the places just don't have the same quality of "product"......

Posted by: Skippy-san on Apr 16, 06 | 9:31 pm

The chain was still across the door on Saturday night...

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 17, 06 | 9:55 am


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