Something I Said?

E@L had some VIPs around for dinner tonight and things were going smoothly (up to a point) until E@L, under the affluence of some very nice incohol, made the fundamental host error of pulling out the digital photo-album.

When it came to point/click on the digitised baby and cuddly curley-haired cherub digitised snaps of the No1 son there seemed to be a distinctly noticable chilling of the atmosphere, like someone had surreptitiously turned the A-C to stun. [That was me. It was stinking hot in there. Ed]

All of a sudden, it was like, "Hey, we've enjoyed, up to a point, your anecdotes, which are so much better than your blog because they have, like, dazzingly innovative and usefully extravagant hand gestures, not to mention amazingly appropriate sound effects, but even so, we need to go home now. Right NOW! TAXI!!!"

E@L was confused. Why were his guests so on the rush to get home?

Was it:

a) The food - too much, too beany, wrong burner hob turned up, wrong one turned down, and despite the confusion between entree and appetizer - "oh THIS is the Main Course!"

b) The wine - which he pretty drank all by hisself - where are all the alcoholics when you need them? Answer: HK.

c) The music - what's wrong with John Martyn 30 years on?

d) The movie - how far you have to get into "Deep Blue Sea" before it actually *starts*?
Answer: The first death.

e) All the Above?

Finally it clicked. It was the photos.

His baby snaps showed such a gorgeous little cute son that they were feeling acutely cuteness threatened! Maybe their child WASN'T the cutest baby ever on the planet! Maybe E@L's No1 son was...


Maybe you should be the judge...






Aaaaaawwwwww. SSsooooooo CCCUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!!

Whatever happened?


OK he's still cute, in a sort of Pete Sampras, Enrique Eglesias way.


[p.s. A pick up line it has been alleged that I have used on occasion: "I have really attractive children." ]


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 08, 06 | 10:52 pm | Profile


good food, good company. Nat really was a cute cutie from cuteville, i gotta admit.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Apr 09, 06 | 7:36 am

or shoud i call him 'Fuzz'?

Posted by: MercerMachine on Apr 09, 06 | 7:39 am

Yep he's a cutie

Posted by: Mia on Apr 09, 06 | 9:18 am

And smart too. Did I mention that he was smart?

And sometimes he even smiles!


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 09, 06 | 10:26 am

He IS gorgeous. I'm going to perm my son's hair.

Posted by: Smootie on Apr 10, 06 | 9:28 am

no, actually, you aren't.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Apr 10, 06 | 10:24 am


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