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How Does Your God Stack Up? - Indian Famine - Goan Inquisition

Please take this test and see if you are worshipping an appropriate god.

The consequences of worshipping the wrong god could be harmful to your spiritual health, as it has been the physical health of millions of disbelievers and heretics throughout history.


Interestingly, speaking of religious and political hegemony, E@L has been brushing up on 3rd world and in particular Indian history about the wonderful combination of El-Nino drought and typically disgusting British colonialist/imperialist/racist attitudes that produced extraordinary famines in the late 19century. This was prompted by a post on Mystic Bourgeousie...

Interestingly, the advancing strides of capitalist infrastructure which some call progress, in the guise of the Great Railways of India, helped to promote the death of 5 million "browns" in one year aloone, by allowing speculating merchants during the grain shortage to ship what grain there was away from the drought areas before the starving peasants could get in and steal it, and sell it to well-fed England at enormous profits, as the corpses of skeletal children littered the streets of Madras.


I passed crowds of wandering skeletons, and saw human corpses by the roadside, unburied, uncared for, half devoured by dogs and vultures; and how - still sadder sight - children, 'the joy of the world' as the old Greeks deemed them, had become its ineffable sorrow there, forsaken even by their mothers, their feverish eyes shining from hollow sockets, their flesh utterly wasted away, only gristle and sinew and cold shivering skin remaining, their heads mere skulls, their puny frames full of loathsome disease engendered by the starvation... Everyone who has been in India in famine times, and has left the beaten track of western made prosperity, knows how true a picture this is.

The extensively documented site linked to the photo above, where that quote comes from, also has some most enlightening stuff about the Catholic Portugese Inquisition in Goa in the 16th century.

“The cruelties which in the name of the religion of peace and love this tribunal practiced in Europe, were carried to even greater excesses in India, where the Inquisitors, surrounded by luxuries which could stand comparison with the regal magnificence of the great potentates of Asia, saw with pride the Archbishop as well as the viceroy submitted to their power. Every word of theirs was a sentence of death and at their slightest nod were removed to terror the vast populations spread over the Asiatic regions, whose lives fluctuated in their hands, and who, on the most frivolous pretext could be clapped for all time in the deepest dungeon or strangled or offered as food for the flames of the pyre.”

I was thinking of visiting Goa, but I don't think I will now.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 29, 06 | 12:44 pm | Profile


as they say in the states "that's history man" and in one phrase is explained all theirs and our current woes.

but cheer up monkeys I've heard a rumour that E@L is publishing a book based on hours of painstaking research conducted by him in the Vatican libraries.

Through the careful analysis of the hermetic symbolism of "Caravan & Camper" he will prove that Jesus and Mary Magdalene toured southern England after the resurrection in a Cabby 620(foldable), quashing rumours that they were in fact cheaper than the famous Hobby twin axle and stopping in Bury St Edmund's to build Britain's first ever untreated Norman Shed in a lovely wood finish.

Spenser in the Faerie Queen laments the moral "degeneration" of the English shed

Posted by: TheOriginalTrousersnake on Mar 29, 06 | 5:37 pm

Actually I refused to go the Vatican Library because I don't believe in double helical staircases.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 29, 06 | 6:17 pm


Posted by: TheOriginalTrousersnake on Mar 29, 06 | 10:09 pm

I enjoy your writing.

But now you are very unfair to the British. No I'm not your average pommy bastard, for at least I'm not from UK by birth or by childhood (most aussies Ive met dont seem to hate UK or think pommy bastard in any bad way and fairly so and pommy is not a hate word, and likewise, and never mind I lived my childhood in northern up Europe).
So I might be British by choice but thats not the issue.

Have you been listening to too much Midnight Oil (naturally you know them, the Australian band) (have most of them records - like em). Well, you heard the one song Truganini, who is jailed (by the British? In the Orient? apparently?) and then comes independence - and he is jailed still. And no improvement.

What happened somewhere by the Portuguese and the Jesuits is in no way connected to the British. The British ran the most humanitarian empire the world had ever seen. If you take a look in the history books. Like, despite their huge losses against American traders who would take their place, The British stopped the slave trade in their ships - and later sent the navy to stop it in American or other ships in their controlled waters, which was huge thing to do at the time. The British enforced law and order - perhaps not always in a way that would today seem politically correct, but you cant live in today and in the past at the same time - in hindsight.

And while I'm jet lagged after all the way from HK and connecting flight in Europe faded out (bloody inefficient and please gods drop refrigs on them) had some 8 hours wait at the bloody airport but I'm sure I meant it. Just a view for you to consider.

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 7:42 am

I haven't even started on the Pommy Bastards yet! They may have stopped the slave trade but they also ran it. They got China hooked on Indian opium (the way Colombia got USA on cocaine) and started a war in order to steal Hong Kong. They invented concentration camps. They hated all the colonial subjugated races. They were economic exploiters, but OK they had their good points...

It is like the old joke - guy says to woman: "I just saved you from being sexually molested." Woman says, "How?" Guy says, "I controlled myself."

And if all that hatred and spite and evil wasn't enough, then they forced Morrissey and The Smiths on us!

Then they won the R7s! Insult to injuries!

But true, they were "better" (in the sense of 'not quite as terrible') colonial masters than the Germans or the Belgians or the Portugese.

Or the Finnish (joking!)

Truganini was "the last" of the full blooded Tasmanian aborigines. A lady.

Midnight Oil: Short Memory

Conquistador of Mexico, the Zulu and the Navaho
The Belgians in the Congo: short memory
Plantation in Virginia, the Raj in British India
The deadline in South Africa: short memory
The story of El Salvador, the silence of Hiroshima
Destruction of Cambodia: short memory

Short memory, must have a, short memory


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 04, 06 | 8:43 am

Must say I recognize your knowledge- be back

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 8:48 am

good point that list

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 8:50 am

that misses the point though. and truganini who i held as would be a friend of mine. nev knew anyone would know anything of her. she was a unique

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 8:52 am

dont put me belgians. Hate them, their kongo killing and like. Say same for the boers in south. Same for others like

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 8:54 am

Finnish have never in their live slaved any one. Finnish have been to much - attempts to slavery - by the russians and ever so lovely swedes. but we never gave in. and had our independence. And now richer than swedes and about 100x richer than russians

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 8:58 am

hong kong was not ever stolen. if it was it woulndt be given back, all that great world. opium was forged on tea. balance of trade had to be there

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 9:03 am

u said "steal Hong Kong. They invented concentration camps. They hated all the colonial subjugated races. They were economic exploiters"

1. not concentration camps in the sense germans did. totally different thing
2. no they did not hate all others. in a fact many married and many others became friends with local people
3. the trade helped both sides - that is what "trade" means by the way
4. not asked for point but this give birth to australia

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 9:14 am

Hong kong was all british invention. And the offshore chinese appreciated it.

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 9:16 am

on number 2 actually many got hated in home for "going native".

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 9:18 am

now its bloody denial to tell if it was not or good of hong kong to have british rule. just take a look

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 9:20 am

hong kong is now like most advanced countries! sydney no par. they took their model on MTR subway from London, but MTR is better

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 9:21 am

did you miss the 21st century digital boy?

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 10:08 am

short on time?
Why do you unload some sick belgian crap on me?

Posted by: north on Apr 04, 06 | 10:12 am

North, not sure I deserve such undivided attention...

You might want to adjust your comment style - as this is not a chatline and I am only online sometimes, so one big comment is just as efficient than lots of little ones -

but that's OK - it's up to you.


Dude, the British gave birth to Australia the same way I am about to go the toilet and give birth to a big turd...

The British get too much kudos for their colonial exploits - their free trade policies on the late 19th C are similar to the current globalism that is being pushed by American companies now. It didn't work for long before it stimulated a war then, it is doing the same now - sometime I feel that religion is just an excuse, and that it is economic exploitation driving the muslim anger at the west.

Ask the Chinese if they think HK was stolen or not. Sure, the tea- trade needed balancing but by getting the Chinese hooked on opium, they could buy tea with Indian opium and not the silver that the Chinese at first insisted on! Hong Kong was needed as a "pirate" port by the British for importing the still illegal opium into China. At the end of the Opium wars, the British sailed warships up the Yangtze and threatened to destroy Nanjing unless the Chinese surrendered - ceding Hong Kong IN PERPETUITY! The British only gave Hong Kong back because Kowloon was only ceded for 150 years and had to be given back in 1997.

But don't worry about me criticizing them, the British love getting spanked... something they learnt at Public School.

I was joking about the Finnish being an evil colonial power like the Belgians - but they must be blamed for something... Herring salad?

I know the Danish copped it recently - lol!!!!!

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 04, 06 | 6:12 pm

Lol! The Danish issue is another thing - worth speaking about, since it could have been Finnish, Swedish, UK, Australian, or any western OR off-religion Asian paper what started it.
What is not lol is that the Danish still have the Fatwa on them.

Anyways to the earlier post. I can at least strenghten your stereotypes :) I was late from the flights and dead angry. It was a bad trip. At home so hit the free tax booze why not? We are all like that in nordic countries- never a clear day. (Considering that, dont ever compare any of us with the Russians. That would be an insult:) And we would immediately put a knife between...).

Anyways, that contributed to the later log entries. My fault entirely, not fully considered.

I am sorry for that.
Besides the later entries, the main message is probably what think is the truth.

No hell UK gave birth to Australia like droppings. It was honoured Queens land, and not easily given - to anyone. Now you are not considering... things might have been different if there was in Sydney (area) waiting a local Aboriginal government when British sailed in. But the whole world is a puzzle. Tribes have been going in and out for thousands of years. What did the Aboriginals do the people in Australia before them?

Never liked the Public School idea either. It is good that its not active in Australia. Never been anything like that in Finland / Sweden / Norway. But I hear they want to go private in Finland and Sweden (Norway dont need- they have all the oil and push that to their public sector) like in the US so perhaps in the future.

Posted by: north on Apr 06, 06 | 6:25 am

The Australian Aboriginals were at the end of the first wave of hominid migration out of Africa. They have been in Australia for 50,000+ years, well before humans made it to England. The humans and neandtherthal were yet to battle it out for the conquest of Europe (which was too cold for humans still as the ice-age was finishing.) East Asia and America had not been populated yet.

"Homo sapiens reached the Near East by at least 90,000 years ago, Australia by at least 50,000 years ago, Europe by 40,000 years ago and the Americas by 12,000 years ago." BBC.

Why didn't Australian aborigines sail out and discover England? Read Jared Diamond. It's only in the last 2 of those 50,000 that Europe has really surged ahead, with the domestication of animals and harvesting of crops, due to mid-temperate lush lands allowing communities to settle down, and some fortuitous innovations, immunities and inventions - guns, germs and steel.


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 06, 06 | 3:53 pm

While you evade the question actually I agree with you, on the Aboriginals. I have much respect for the Australian Aboriginals since that culture looks rather good.

Just think, if Australia had been American, do you think there would be any Aboriginals left? Americans 'worked on' local people quite efficiently... Look at the population. So the British - saved Aboriginals.

Jared Diamond. I think will check that out. Never heard of him (I hope its not something Americal civil war like (Jared?))

Posted by: north on Apr 08, 06 | 7:51 am

Thinking of it, Diamond is actually what I've read a tiny bit but didnt connect with "Jared". never mind. Well I've read one of his books. Well, it says J. Diamond on the cover. And I have many books.

Let me put to you another scholar Niall Ferguson. From Scottish parents I think so you wont hate him from the scratch (possibly).

Posted by: north on Apr 08, 06 | 8:29 am

"What did the Aboriginals do the people in Australia before them?"

Is that the question I evaded? I don't think so. There were no people ANYWHERE when the aboriginal ancestors arrived.

"Now you are not considering… things might have been different if there was in Sydney (area) waiting a local Aboriginal government when British sailed in."

Is THAT the question I evaded? Yes.

The American Indians, the Aztecs in Mexico, relatively organized societies put up some resistance and were nearly wiped out in retaliation.

The Australian aborigines were much less organized, but Hey, they survived 50,000 years and isn't that enough? The !kung bushmen survived in the bush of Africa in a similarly h&g society for god knows how long, until last year when the were forcibly moved by Mugabe...

Henry Reynolds wrote several books about "frontier" skirmishes and guerilla warfare waged by the aborigines during the 100 years post occupation.

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 08, 06 | 9:14 am


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