Before You...

"Accuse me*," says the waiter as he places a delicious desert of something like an apple-flan in front of E@L .

"Terror of moccasins**," says E@L .

Mmm. A puff pastry pizza with thin slices of baked apple, two scoops of vanilla ice-cream... Sumptuous.

In case you are wondering, yes, the E@L diet has gone to hell in a handbasket here in Bali. And not just because of the wondrous varieties of Nasi Goreng either. Not even. [He should take good look at himself, ya?]

Last night, it was a terrific Italian place by the sea, tender-as-marshmallow medium-rare steak with caramalised tomatoes and other stuff (what sort of chemicals do restaurants use to make their steaks so melt-in-the-mouth? note-2-self: get some) followed by a, wait for it, and we did, chocolate souffle with armagnac cream. Drrroooollll.

Tonight, the waiter comes to remove E@L's empty plate.

"I kiss me*, " he says again.

"Tell her, make her see**," says E@L, again.


*Excuse me.

** Terema kasih [ thank you]


Posted by: expat@large on Mar 26, 06 | 8:09 pm | Profile


Expat, I haven't been to Bali in many years, but I have a restaurant rec: the Made's Warung near Bemo Corner in Kuta. Get the "half half" for some gado gado and something else, and enjoy the people watching. I'd tell you the first time I went into Made's Warung, high on mushrooms from the adjacent Junior's Corner (across the street, it's now a clothing shop, but they still serve), but I'd just date myself.

Waving from the Sentosa Cable Car at your office.......

Posted by: Frisko on Mar 28, 06 | 3:08 am

Went to 2 different Made's Warungs, so maybe this was one of them. Yes! I had the 1/2 GadoGado/Nasi-goreng! How funny!

Avoided all 'shrooms and stuck to the Arak Attacks. Drunk I can handle, too old for stoned.

You're in Unique Singapore! I'm just back... Give us a call! Will email my phone number!

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 28, 06 | 4:10 pm


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