Snap Back 2 Reality

E@L had a bit of a pleasant statistical ejaculation there at the start of the month but is gradually detumesceing to more normal dimenions


["Oh!" the vicar ejaculated."]

Ron at SeeLai put up a brief post and placed me conspicuously on his blog-roll and things went (relatively) ballistic for week or so - well done Ron! Who loves ya, babe!

A typical list of referrers on the peak day was like this.


Note Izzy's solitary link. More typically I get about 10-20% from Izzy.

Ah dear.

Time for a wander downtown to a) do some exercise, b) buy more books to add to my new aNobii list (near the bottom of my way-too-long-already sidebar - thanks Indiana and Mia for recommending this) and to read on the beach conference booth in Bali and, c) partake of a blended ice-mocha at The Coffee Club.

I read better in public as a rule. Do you?



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 18, 06 | 4:04 pm | Profile


But what? what does it mean? And that's a damn ugly purple on the lower graph.a

Posted by: Tom on Mar 22, 06 | 12:02 am

It means people are looking for nekkid women, and all they get is moi.

Disappointment sets in rapidly like an over-hardened resin and it auto-immolates...

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 22, 06 | 9:15 am

Thanks for the mention.

I am waiting for you to write one of your juicy posts. You know what I mean. Bars, girls, fun, etc.

Once you write that, I will (again) write a short post about it on my blog.



PS: My readers know everything, or almost everything, about Hong Kong and China. But I think they want to know more about Singapore (especially the girly part of it). Well, even I want to know more about Singapore girls.

Posted by: Ron on Mar 26, 06 | 8:48 pm


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