Double Phished!

I received two phishing emails yesterday. First time in a while.


One purported to be from Chase Online (?sm? wtf?) and the other from Citibank.

Fucking arseholes. I don't have accounts at either bank and if I did I wouldn't click on these patently fake links anyway. What sort of an idiot do you think I am?

Don't answer that. (Anticipated response: "We apologise for misclassifying your idiocy. To assist us to become more accurate in our future correspondence and therefore to serve you better, please indicate exactly what sort of an idiot you are.")

No, I am not going to give you my account name and password! Not that sort of an idiot.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 11, 06 | 10:07 am | Profile


Dear Mr E@L

I am writing on behalf the the very kind Dr. Zambezi of Nigeria who has recently had his bank account frozen by the gahemn there. Dr. Zambezi is a very nice man. Please if you like or not can you send be your bank account detail. Dr. Zambezi need you help to feed his family currently in detention in a five star Hotel in Dubai. They are very afraid. He has a current fortune of USD$20m but would like to pay you millions in return for help.

please visit this blog where the trousersnake finally got off his arse to make another post.

leave account detail in comment box adn we will deposit $25,000 in your cunt.

I thank you for your time!

Tony Kilimanjaro

ps I can also sell you FDA approved penis pump, if you wish

---and the only bit I'm making up? yes the bit about my blog! ahahahahahaa

Posted by: TheOriginalTrousersnake on Mar 11, 06 | 3:25 pm

Thank you for your kind thoughts Mr K.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 11, 06 | 4:19 pm


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