And Merry Christmas To YOU!

To the person who used to post as "DryMonsoon"

Haven't heard from you on the blog comments this year, lost password?

I just want to say danke for the Christmas e-card. It only arrived two or so weeks ago despite the send date being sometime in December.

- talk about the speed of thought -

And your email address is bouncing... You OK?



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 05, 06 | 11:05 am | Profile


Drymonsoon??? Oh... wait wait wait…that’s me!

It seems my mail was transported by snail-mail…
…next time I will engrave a slab and use UPS…

I´m fine, nice of you to ask. Sitting here 60 km north to hamburg
watching the snowfall and keeping the little red north-german dot on
your map alive. Speaking of snow: Snows falling since 6 hours and there is
no end…my house looks like an igloo and later on I have to shovel
this white shit from my sidewalk.Must do this by law – otherwise
fine: 1 stroke with the cane…(o.k. maybe in singapore…)

In this winter I´m really jealous of the hot humid weather in Singapore.
Enjoy it !

Btw my email address has changed due to too much spam.
I´ve updated my profile.

Posted by: drymonsoon on Mar 05, 06 | 8:55 pm

Thanks for replying. Stay warm.

If it makes you feel better I have air-con set to stun.


Posted by: expat@large on Mar 05, 06 | 10:32 pm


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