Movie Quiz

Old or new, I don't know, but I only found it last night.

I got 21 out 30. Legit. No Workmanlike score, not great, but an acceptable indication of my conformity to the marketing monkeys' expectation of the depth of my demographic's interest in the big name movies I was supposed to recognize. Indicating I am Mr Dilletante, not M. Autuer.

Missed out on no's 2, 8, 9, 11 (I should know this one), 18, 19, 22 (which I swear is "Apocalypse Now" but the form won't accept it), 23 (which I thought might have been "Ghostbusters", but Bill Murray is too old), and 24 (which I swore was "Dead Zone" but obviously not)...

Sometimes it doesn't take the correct answer: might be a javascript problem with Opera.



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 28, 06 | 8:45 pm | Profile


spoilers ahead ...

I did really shitty overall, worse than you. I got to 21 but cheated on the last 2 or 3.

#2 is sleepers (cheated cause could not remember the name)

#9 is zatoichi

#11 is garden state

#22 is black hawk down

#23 is charlie's angels

technically there is no movie with orlando bloom called "lord of the rings".

Posted by: spike on Feb 28, 06 | 10:34 pm

Orlando took twenty-seven times to accept "the lord of the rings" I had to type one space past it, then 'backspace'. It wouldn't accept "The Fellowhip of the Ring" for me either.

Charlie's Angels - d'ya think I watched that? Just for the saggy tits bouncing up and down? D'ya think, I mean really...

Sleepers? Brad Pitt was in Sleepers? I thought it was Woody Allen?

Zatoichi, is Japanese for clueless.

Garden State, was on the tip on my forked little tongue.

And cheating don't count.

Hey, thought you were in the fucking film industry dude - best buddies with Stan Kubrick and all! Sad sad sad.


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 28, 06 | 11:47 pm

Best I could do was 20, and Blackhawk is one word, not two...

better get my ass up to Bangkok and get some more cheap movies to further my education.

Posted by: Indiana on Mar 02, 06 | 7:54 am

jeeeeebus.... 4

Posted by: Tom on Mar 03, 06 | 7:54 am

Tom, you need your Culture Vulture (TM) chip reprogrammed, seriously. You want to borrow some DVDs? How about some more reading and research?

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 03, 06 | 10:07 am


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