Friends in town - massage

Too busy to post last few days sorry. Too tired to post anything sensible or otherwise tonight.

May have time to think up some wry, sardonic, devestating witticisms jokes later in the week.

Just one thing - visited Sentosa for the first time ever!!!!

Comment of the day: "They imported clean sand, they should have imported some clean water as well..."

OK, just another thing - had a (legit) Thai massage in Geylang on Thursday. Still no sensation below the waist. Man that girl had a punch that could have floored Mike Tyson... My arms held in a full-Nelson, my spine arched over her knees as she lay on the floor (supine, note) beneath me (I'm supine as well), rolling me up and down, cracking every facet joints...

Holy shit, I'm thinking, why is she treating me like a sack of onions? What did I do to upset her?



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 12, 06 | 1:36 am | Profile


do you honestly expect us to believe there is such a thing as a legit Thai massage in Geylang!

It's your best joke ever!

btw got that viagra you asked for...sorry took some myself, got stuck on the way down..bit of a stiff neck actually.

see! that joke's crap compared with the legit thai massage in Geylang joke.

(a@l sob! they all said my blogg was shit. It was shit! So I changed it all) I really fancy a chest X-ray can you help?

Posted by: trousersnake on Feb 12, 06 | 5:20 am

Viagra eyedrops and a mirror for you, TS - now take a long hard look at youself.

No-one liked your "blog"? - maybe people aren't so stupid after all: I've just revised my opinion of the human race up a notch.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 12, 06 | 9:40 am

thanks for the support and the erudite medical counsel! That thing about the human race, nice idea but I don't think it will catch on frankly. happy holidays!

Posted by: trousersnake on Feb 12, 06 | 12:15 pm

A@L: on the subject of legit and non legit massage I made the mistake of asking for a massage in a hotel in Penang. The massage was quite normal, no funny business until the end. The lady was wiping the oil off her hands when she looked me in general direction of the old one-eye and cheerfully announced "masturbate sir?". I didn't really know how to respond at first. I stammered "yes of course but not right now..thanks". She was a bit of an Aunty, she made it sound as innocent as a cup of cocoa. Just a little wank to finish things off. She was not discouraged by rejection either telling me warmly "ok maybe next time masterbate".

Posted by: trousersnake on Feb 13, 06 | 12:26 pm

What does A@L stand for?

Posted by: Smootie on Feb 13, 06 | 3:25 pm

I think Mr Snake is under the misapprehension that this is how to
'spell' my avatar's name.

A@L could mean anything... some product of his fevered yet strangley fecund imagination...

E@L(®©TM) however refers of course Expat@Large, your Singaporean Gateway (aka HUB) to learned ignorance, intelligent flippancy and highly rhetorical yet subliminally sarcastic discourse.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 14, 06 | 9:34 am

TS, that was SOOOOO funny...RTFL - just a tad too direct eh?

and so often you get to the end expecting a similar question, perhaps a bit more subtle and... nothing...

A colleague was here in Jakarta and getting a 45 massage, then the mamasan rang and he OK'd for a second round, thinking this might be the one... then 45 mins later mamasan rang again, and he ok'd another 45 mins... and still at the end of a three round massage the girl just up and left. He was so frustrated from expecting something that never happened, that he left more tense than he went in, after a 3hr massage!!!

some people prefer Wanchai HK or Buggis Manila where one can walk into a club and say, I'll have a HJ or BJ thanks... Or so I am told.


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 14, 06 | 9:43 am

sorry for the spelling erreur! Look it was an honest mistak,

unlike the music of the 1980's completely inexcusable in me opnion, even blakc poeple looked stupid during the 1980's and it was also a very bad time to get a decent HJ or a BJ. At least it was for me.

Liek the tree huor massage story. Come to think of it the sex trade is the last thing not to be hubbed in SG innit.

Perhaps people wouldn't want to visit a Fcuk Hub. People like their prostitution desperado and crusty don't they.

Happy Valentines day!

Posted by: trousersnake on Feb 14, 06 | 12:52 pm


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