E@L sometimes talks about nooky, or outrageous behaviour that may or may not have lead to nooky, and even occasionally he has ventured to describe the nooky-laden sexual encounter in anatomical detail, but usually with his tongue planted more in his cheek than anywhere outrageous or salacious.

Not so good with writing erotic prose, maybe. Taking it seriously is the main problem (or anything else for that matter.) Not so driven sexually, he guesses. Just a tad cynical about everything. And maybe neurotic about sex.

Neurotica = thinking about sex all the time...

A few years ago in Hong Kong a fiend suggested a collaboration on a series of Hong Kong based erotic stories. A couple of pieces from each of a few friends across a spectrum of social and sexual preferences. Some from Chinese, some from expats, some straight, some gay, some married, some on the prowl. Great concept - a snapshot of sex in Hong Kong. Not as pornography, but as realistic erotica (if that is not a contradiction in terms)...

However, we all split up having done nothing about it and the idea fizzled.

This was just before the blogging concept took off. (E@L has been blogging two years now and considers himself a late starter.)

There are a great many sex/erotic blogs out there now. There are a lot of text stories designed decidedly for one-handed reading (or there are plug-ins were you can set the text to scroll automatically... allegedly) - the really heavy stuff as well. But the erotic-blogs, the sex-diary blogs, if they are well-written usually are the ones that win the hit-rate awards, if not the traditional "Bloggy" awards.

Everybody loves a good screw.

E@L enjoys the short stories of Tobsha Learner for example. Quiver and her new one, Tremble, are great fun, erotic and tongue in cheek. Tobsha's BIG bookThe Witch of Cologne, E@L hasn't read yet, though it is in the library waiting for him to have time...

Tobsha is a cousin of E@L's HK ex-flat mate, by the way. She said having a dinner party with Tobsha is like attending a history and philosophy lecture, but with lots of outrageous sexy stories thrown in. Tobsha is most intelligent and entertaining person she has ever met, and remember this comment comes from a girl who lived with E@L for 4 years!

Apart from some of the old Sarong Party Girl posts, E@L generally doesn't read sex-blogs. He knows there are quite a few around. Maybe soon he might hone his fictional skills further in that department... Keep an eye posted.

This was prompted from visits to Casanova Confessions (referred by SG Fairy) and SeeLai, referred by NudeKingOnTheBlog

Casanova has quite an excellent blogroll of other sex-based blogs if that is what turns you on...
If sex turns you on??? What am I saying? As if it didn't!



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 07, 06 | 10:44 am | Profile


maybe this will amuse. It's enormeously pretentious and nothing like as funny as your blog but but I can promise screwing at least (btw please write more about taxi drivers in sg they've really got it coming and you are the man for the job). thanks for the free ad.

(no viagra or penis enlargement - promise!)

Posted by: trousersnake on Feb 07, 06 | 6:07 pm

Its considered neurotic to think about sex all the time? I thought that just meant one was normal and not inclined to become a cowboy! (Brokeback one no less....)

If that makes me neurotic, then I guess I'm neurotic...........

Posted by: Skippy-san on Feb 08, 06 | 8:23 am

How are tastefully done B&W glossies of Chain Saw Accidents received in Singapore? Is there a market?

Posted by: Tom on Feb 09, 06 | 7:08 am

Hey, Saw is a Singaporean movie so should be no problem!

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 06 | 12:50 pm

Excellent. Many people shun me when I bring up chainsaw accidents.

/this should do wonders for your google.

Posted by: Tom on Feb 10, 06 | 5:17 am


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