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Don't Ask...

OK, remember how E@L said his Denon Amp was busted? Well he went into pick it up today and they said it was working fine.... Maybe he should check the power cable.

What The Fuck!

They plugged it in and it worked normally to confirm that the only thing they considered not operating at optimum efficency was his brain. As compensation for the hours of laughter and fun they had, they waived the $40 technical fee.

What did E@L do wrong? He'd pressed all the buttons, changed the power outlet, checked the connection to the power plug. He thinks.

He brought it home in amazement and plugged it in WITH THE SAME POWER CABLE. It worked.

Don't ask. What a fucking dickhead.

Then he spent an hour replugging in all the 8 speakers and setting the surround-sound levels. Found about four extra cables floating in the rats-nest at the back of the HiFi set-up.

And the TV is still on the fritz - drifiting between normal, 256 and 64 colours. Have to get the receipt from the mate in Philips who bought it on his behalf and organize a service-call soonest.

It'll probably work fine when he gets here.

So with the amp working, we're catching up on our industrial deafness protocols here at E@L GHQ - currently blasting 3 Doors Down, their Seventeen Days album, moderately loud through the neighbourhood at the moment. The first song is terrific, driving beat, great guitar riff - the rest: moderately interesting semi-rock-country-ballads, the sort of radio-friendly pseudo-Bon-Jovi stuff that E@L don't really dig and he might not have bought the CD if he'd known - except the first song is so kick-arse.

Must try this on-line purchasing thingummy... now that free songs galore from Napster is dead. (It's corpse burning in the pyre of spyware/adware - and that lost case in Australia. The daughter of someone E@L knows was the lawyer.) Maybe should try, like, checking out the other songs on the album before spending the hard-earned...

Evidence of dickheadedness x 2 already in one blog post!

But owning the physical CD, at a hugely better bit-rate, gives the much higher quality needed for playing through a real HiFi system. Downloaded stuff is passable for head-phones and as background ambience for parties, but it just doen't cut it on the big speakers when you want to REALLY listen. Which is why he has no space left in his CD rack.


Oh and speaking of useless geeks...

Hey, all you iPod owners, give us a big wide smile!

That's right, you've got another kick in those shiny expensively ortho'd teeth coming from Apple if you have a broken iPod, according to the New York Times... (A paying subscription is required for this Times Select article. We'll see if we can find a cached copy somewhere.)



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 06, 06 | 8:06 pm | Profile


There is more to the power cable than an angry monkey can know. Trust me on this. I've seen it happen, power-cords sometimes strike.

Posted by: Tom on Feb 09, 06 | 7:11 am

I was thinking maybe the ride in the taxi jogged some loose circuit boards back into place... it certainly jogged some teeth loose in my head.

But hmm, cobra-like cord, beware their hiss and spittle!

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 06 | 5:17 pm

Bet you are right. A re-seated board makes western sense.

Posted by: Tom on Feb 10, 06 | 5:19 am


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