And Aussies Say Yanks Are Dumb...

You know there was that viral video-joke going around about Americans interviewed on the street who were willing to invade "right there" even though they were looking at a map with mainland Australia labelled as North Korea, and Tasmania labelled as South Korea...

Well here's one back for you.

Nigerian scammers fleece Australians
February 1, 2006 - 6:40PM

Police are staggered by the amount of money Australians are losing to Nigerian investment scammers. The long-running internet-based rort has netted more than $7 million from Queenslanders alone, and the loss Australia-wide is likely to be far higher, police say.

Among those being duped are financial advisers, lawyers and university professors, and one person had put $2.2 million into the hands of scammers over the past two years.

Oh dear. I only got three of those this month, and hardly sent my bank account details to any of them. I don't need to chase that sort of rip-off scam to lose all my savings, I've got a financial advisor who takes care of that for me.


At least we didn't vote an embarassing bastard in for a second third term. Oh that's right, we did, which was lucky, considering the quality of the opposition at the time.

That's why we're called the Lucky Country. Lucky to get away with just second rate...



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 02, 06 | 6:14 pm | Profile


And that $7 million is only the reported loss. I'm sure actual losses are much higher. I just don't understand how people can fall for scams like this. They all but come with a disclaimer nowadays.

Posted by: WJ the II on Feb 02, 06 | 11:20 pm

As I said in my previous post --

There will come a day when the stupidity of the human race, individually and collectively, will cease to amaze, astound, annoy and dumbfound.

That is the day E@L will cease blogging.


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 02, 06 | 11:31 pm

Would you beleive we actually voted the bastard in for a fourth term?

How embarrasment!

Although you may have noticed that the slimy toad's government is under some serious pressure at the moment.. (Crash! Burn! Fall on your sword, Johnny!)

This is so absurd...!
While shaping up to invade the country due to save its citizens from their heinous bloodthirsty regime, we firstly refused to accept that people fleeing the country had a legitimate reason for fleeing. Now we find that we were also secretly bribing the heinous bloodthirsty regime with a spare $300 million, and were denying it in the face of questions from the US senate!

amazed? astounded? annoyed? dumbfounded?
Sorry, I still am...

Posted by: rambeaux2 on Feb 03, 06 | 10:05 am

Sorry, lost count of the number of times we got it wrong...

Same same for Afghanistan boat people, no different.

I've missed most of the Oil for Boat-people scandal, have to do some research.

Shame shame Johnny Howard, no excuse. Fall fall!

(& Where did you get these outrageous politics from? Your mother?)

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 03, 06 | 7:34 pm

The AWB kickbacks to Saddam just add fuel to fire with a whole host of other corporate scandals such as the HIH collapse as well as the One.Tel scandals.

Add all that to the current outroar of Howard's controversial Workplace Reforms and outrageously contrdicting welfare benefits, i'm sure you won't be finding him much voters the next term round...

Posted by: attitudeproblems on Feb 03, 06 | 11:48 pm

Which beaches did the Americans pick? Did they consider the reef problem? Airborne? If we choose an airborne invasion I'll make the movee.

A Bar Too Far

Posted by: Tom on Feb 04, 06 | 5:57 am

Have you not seen it? Hilarious?

Reef problem?? These Texans thought Australia was Iran, Korea (they're trrrrrrubble!), France...


Link to more CNNNN stuff (older though).


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 04, 06 | 3:35 pm


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