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Seven-Headed Beast of The Apocalypse Shareholders and E@L

Several items in that most venerable of broadsheets, the Kuwaiti Times, made E@L sit back and ponder the contradiction of the suffering of some people due to the reality denial in their stock-market gambling fetishes, and the smug pleasure of the meagre gains in his contrasting severe risk aversion policies. Theses article only confirm the observations E@L noted in his other reading material today, "On the Suffering Of The World" by Arthur Schopenhauer. As Art says, in essence, life is shit and people are stupid.

Or more accurately:

For the world is Hell, and men are on the one hand the tormented souls and on the other the devils in it.


The most effective consolation in every misfortune and every affliction is to observe others who are more unfortunate than we: and everyone can do this.

One of the articles was on the crash of the Japanese young dot.com Livedoor. You stupid idiots who invested in this and lost your kiddies' cookie jar yen, are you incapable of learning ANYTHING from the lessons of history? What about the inevitability of stock-market gravity - what goes up like a sky-rocket ALWAYS explodes in a dramatic way, most appealing for those at a suitable distance, and must comes crashing down in smoke, ashes and crud, etc... How many times does it have to happen before you internalize the lesson?

Further evidence in the next article: Enron. People are so ready to believe that the next brash graduate of the Tony Robbins school of lying to reinventing yourself is going to be the Messiah of Wall Street that they throw all their cash into his and his cronies' pockets, let them run away with it, even to the point of manufacturing an energy crisis in order to oust the elected Governor of California and install an animatronic Arnie doll in his place... in effect they were generating cash by not generating electricity. To out and out lie, cheat, steal, commit grievous bodily harm to the victims of California's power outages - like hospital patients, to be more callous and underhand than a bunch of Soprano thugs robbing every bank they can find... These guys not just morally but literally robbed the people of America. Instead of a gun, they used promises of huge profits from ever increasing share prices...(OK, also E@L watched "The Smartest Guys In The Room" recently and was suitable shocked...)

In a nutshell, high-risk investment is throwing your money, not just away, but into the pockets of snake-oil salesman.

Don't be fucking stupid.

The stock-market is the Seven-Headed Beast of the Apocalypse and that's it!



Meanwhile, in November, E@L gave a certain moderate amount of spare cash to a Forex trader and he made E@L 17% profit in one month. The question is, should E@L drastically increase his "exposure" - hey we're talking the talk now baby! - and risk it big time?

What do you think E@L is planning to do?



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 26, 06 | 11:03 pm | Profile


The livedoor thing has been big news here in Japan. The S.O. spent 3 hours watching it on TV the night he was arrested.......

Actually the similarities between this and the Enron scandal are just plain scary........

I just need enough money to pay my bills and travel when I want. Somebody needs to come up with a mutual fund that will give me that.

And oh yes been watching the American stock market lately. Up and down more times than an Thai hooker.......

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jan 27, 06 | 2:18 pm

...so you'd be recommending that the seven-headed beasts go SHORT on Livedoor then?
Pity my CFD broker didn't list it - I was looking.

Nothing like a sure-thing disaster in the news to make some money... And if there isn't a disaster happening somewhere, let's make one of our own!

Posted by: rambeaux2 on Jan 27, 06 | 8:56 pm

Go short? If that means run like fuck almighty, then yes... It would also depend upon the spread, don't you think?

Frozen orange juice, the money's in frozen orange juice...

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 27, 06 | 9:37 pm

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