In Kuwait - brief notes

It's cool and not too dusty - last week they had horrible dust storms. It is just very dry. Very. Dry. Lips chafing, scalp, skin reacting.


Just a few comments about this hotel room.

The blood splatters on the toilet floor are STILL there, two days after E@L moved in. Did E@L not mention the blood splatters? Six or seven drops of just-dried blood now firming up nicely into seething pits of microbial incubation. Have been waiting for housekeeping to notice/care. Sherlockian investigational logic indicates a possible female source, therefore possibly menstrual, as a long strand of black hair was on the floor, adjacent.

However E@L feels SO reassured having seen documentary evidence that "This Toilet Has Been Covered With a Strip of Paper As Per Management's Instructions Sanitized For Your Protection."


The sheets and the pillows are all in this tightly pilled cotton, on purpose E@L thinks. Lots of tiny little cotton balls all over the material. It is a texture that is warming and most comforting, like flannel, but not...

One can assume that it reminds the locals of those cool and lonely winter desert evenings, snuggling up to your most beloved camel...


As a side note, most surprising aspect of work...

E@L, big foreign white male infidel that he is, did an ultrasound scan of a woman who was
wearing the the full yashmak type of burkha, the one that covers the face with only the lady's eyes showing. E@L expected to be asked to go outside during the scans, as per ususal in Mulsim countries, while the doctor fiddles about without a clue of the machine's controls, making a hash of the whole thing and then complaining that the image is no good.

Ordinarily a man is not allowed to touch a woman who is not his wife at all, here in the heart of the Muslim world, let alone rub warm jelly all over her bare lower abdominal regions!

But here in this Private Clinic, the Doctor handed him the probe after having explained that E@L was "the expert" to the expectant mother and her husband, and they smiled (well, her eyes were smiling) and said hello. So here was this lady with her face covered and her huge belly exposed, her husband and herself eagerly peering at the screen for a glimpse of their baby's face in dynamic 4D, with Infidel@Large in a suit doing the scan. Most unusual. Most typical in a sense - "If you just give a pretty picture of my baby, I don't care who you are!"

And are Arabian ladies' eyes REALLY as big as they seem? Or is it just the burkha effect? One thing is for certain, they are generally HUGE people, pregnant or not. (E@L thought that lady was about term, but she was only 4 months...) Dinner at the Mais Alghanim Restaurant showed why - the serving size is gargantuan.


Comment from the local company guy - Kuwait business investment and construction has gone ballistic (bad term!) since the ousting of Saddam in the country up North-West. Consumer confidence etc is soaring - truly ballistic information: there was only missile that hit town during the start of the war and it caught a shopping centre at 2am or so. Nothing since.

Great! Let's build a thriving economy and get rich and get out before things go to hell in a handbasket again when Iran goes "nucleus" (to quote E@L's Singapore taxi driver from the other night.) 75% of the population here are those post-colonial carpet-bagger bastards, the opportunistic expats, mainly Egyptians and Indians.



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 25, 06 | 11:06 am | Profile


Such exciting times you live in!

Posted by: Smootie on Jan 25, 06 | 4:01 pm

I didn't realize you were so sensitive.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 26, 06 | 6:01 am

Tom, sensitive superficially...

Exciting, Smoot,you've no idea! we even went to the Aquarium last night!!!

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 26, 06 | 12:51 pm


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