Decisions Made For Me

#1. E@L has to buy a new phone. Damn it! His Nokia 6820, the flip-out one with the full keyboard, after 2 years as a good and faithful servant, slipped out of his pocket somewhere between dinner at The Mangosteen Restaurant overlooking Phuket Town and the Rock Hard Cafe overlooking the 2nd level of Hell.

He is considering the Dopod 838 as a replacement. That's a Windows Mobile V5.0 driven PDA-phone with a LATERAL slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Dopod is also known as the popular O2 brand of PDA in Hong Kong.

Its English (as in British) version - can't remember the name it is marketed under there, but it has to be better than "Dopod"! - got a very good review in some status-anxiety inducing magazine (British Esquire?) that E@L read on the plane at some recent stage in his peripatetic life.


#2. In said RHC, as soon as they entered, E@L's ole New Years Eve friend Noi - she of the red knickers and pole dancing with the blonde from Manchester in the white knickers - brought over a newcomer to the bar, Nit-Noi (I kid you not), for E@L to "look after." (i.e shag gently?) It was only her second night in the bar and she doesn't speak much English. Just nit noi (little bit), in fact. Noi was in civvies as she had been bar-fined by some other punter and was on her way out.

"You look after her, OK? She my sister," said Noi. There certainly WAS a family resemblance, though young Nit-noi's pert breasts, half-exposed in her cut-down bra, seemed very pleasantly symmetrical. The same could not be said for older Noi, who has a weirdly small, rather deformed right breast (allegedly!) Result of old surgery, a cancer she is in denial about, or just an anatomical variation?

Nit-noi seemed a nit noi reluctant at first to stand next to him, and after E@L brought her a drink she did the typical "Me go dance" routine. That's the last we'll see of her he thought and started attempting to get some other babe's (actually cuter) attention. However, to E@L's surprise Nit-noi came back after the dance, smiling. Obviously, in her view from the stage she could see no suitable alternative FBOs. Noi had said that she used to work in Bangkok as a shop assistant in a clothes shop and was only quite young [compared, that is, to most of the other grandmothers renting their arses around Patong this week].

E@L's buddy nudged him and suggested she might be a virgin!

" 'Bar virgin' maybe," replied E@L: no kids.

His buddy called over a somewhat larger girl, the one with fascinating Indian-looking eyes and long plaited hair. Nit-noi seemed pleased to see her.

"She my sister," she said. There was NO family resemblance. Is everybody everybody else's sister here? Does she mean "sister" in some greater Women's Liberation-type fraternity of working girls sense? Or do the share some genetic heritage somewhere along the track? Does sister mean "cousin?" Does it mean they come from the same village in Isaan (or more likely Laos)?

There's a conundrum for you! Please explain!


And later E@L was thinking - if this is only her second night in a bar, she has either learned the job very quickly from such an excellent mentor as Noi, or she certainly became very accomplished in some interesting and marketable skills working in that clothes shop in Bangkok...



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 09, 06 | 12:30 pm | Profile


I see you went to Mangosteen. Did you like it?

Posted by: Biker Boy on Jan 09, 06 | 2:16 pm

I felt the Thai menu at Mangosteen was rather (aka very) restricted and conservative and perhaps designed to Western tourists expectations rather than as a true Thai connoissuers' discovery tour, with only two pages of dishes - maybe 8 choices for "main course" - Raan Derm in Bangkok by contrast has 300 items on their menu.

The duck curry, always a risk of being too sweet, was not so and actually quite spicy for once with some Thai hot basil.

The wine list only had four Australian wines, 2 red, 2 white, neither of which I knew, so we went for a NZ pinot noir and then another one of the same.

But the sparkling lights in the distance and the cool breeze in the palm-tree-tops, the entire set-up was very pleasant. Disappointed that I lost my phone there though!

Couldn't get into Mom Tris without a 3-day ahead booking!


Posted by: expat@large on Jan 09, 06 | 6:17 pm


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