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CityLife funnies

If you are wondering why the prolixity - this is the fourth post for the day - just look out the window of this Internet Cafe: it is raining here in Patong Beach. Nothing to do but blog, get a dodgy massage, drink beer. Hey, that's exactly what E@L does when it's NOT raining!.

Just remembered some funny lines from a satirical page in CityLife, a Chiang Mai tourist mag.


Lord Of The Rings trilogy, DVD-9, original, mint condition. Will exchange for conversation with grown-ups. Box5979

Into Yoga, vegetarianism, world music? Me too. Shit, isn't it? Box PVT 9053


Pissssssing meself...

Credit where credit is due: this guy Oliver Benjamin writes quite a few articles in the mag, so I think the lines might be his.



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 06 | 2:52 pm | Profile


Wow - this is like like the infamous Cambodia Dreary (courtesy of the Bayon Pearnik.)

Posted by: chlim01 on Jan 07, 06 | 4:13 pm

Maybe it's partially syndicated? Maybe it's partially plagiarised?

Ping Valley - Ping is the river in Chiang Mai.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 06 | 4:29 pm

Or more likely - maybe there's just a lot of funny (amusing) people in the world.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 06 | 4:31 pm


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