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Golf-wanker - Coffee - Homestay - Photos

Playing golf in Chiang Mai, E@L got teamed up with a pair of tourists from Ca-lee-four-nigh-ay. Jim kept encouraging beginner Bob all through the round despite his desperate lack of golfing skills:

- Nice one, Bob, that's straight down the middle.
- Good putt, Bob, right on line.
- Well done, Bob.
- Very close, Bob.

and just to be spontaneous or subversive the occassional

- Good shot, Robert.

At the end of the round E@L asks these old guys what they do for a living back in the US of A.

- I'm a teacher, says Jim.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. The indiscriminate affirmation of all behaviour, the positive support for everything attempted no matter how poorly executed. The internalised, false, forced have-a-nice-day attitude inappropriately applied to his entire life: even his friends get the protect-against-under-achievment treatment. The Middle Mind, where everything average is just A-OK.



Coffee in a designer coffee-shop for breakfast with a completely un-holdable handle! Burn fingers trying not to tilt coffee all over self. Form over function. Fucking designer twats.


The homestay / pottery place that E@L visited in Chinang Mai can be found here. It's in Thai, naturlich.

No photos of the daughter whom E@L strongly suspects they are after a husband for...

E@L as an artsy-fartsy alternative lifer. Could you imagine?


Speaking of incriminating photos - E@L was delivered of a series of analogue snaps from the Viking Bar last night (or was it the night before? - it's all a blur)... including some of Noi in her red knickers doing the pole dancing routine. She was not as flexible as the dancers in BKK and could not do the splits whilst standing, stretching her leg up the pole and kissing its stainless steel with her crotch as they do at Angelwitch.

A series of carefully edited scans of her not doing that may appear at some stage in the future. Keep an eye out... as I am sure you will.



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 06 | 12:40 pm | Profile


Someone commented thus to me on these golfer guys: "the positive reinforcement of mediocrity." Exactly.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 09, 06 | 1:47 pm


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