Sounds O' The Times - 2006

Sawasdee Pee Moi to everybody for the new calender year 2006, unless you are in Thailand of course, where we are now entering no less than the year 2549 (Buddhist Era) thanks to King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).


Heard my first "Twenty oh six" last week on Melbourne radio. Will it catch on?

We can't keep saying "Two Thousand and *whatever* " indefinetely.


BTW, there are no decent restaurants at all in Phuket: it's all "fresh" (as in dead) seafood thrown willy-nilly onto the BBQ until it's even deader, and German, Swiss or Italian cuisine (in the loosest sense of the word) enclaves for the Accidental Tourist-Groups.

Dissenters, please supply names and addresses (of the restaurants, you paranoid people!) - I am back here again on Thursday after the wedding in Chiang Mai tomorrow. Mmm, that reminds me: still no present... Where do they sell toasters here?



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 01, 06 | 8:56 pm | Profile



It's beginning to look like you're having so much fun that you're never gonna come back...

Hmm... have you heard that the latest exercise craze in Singapore is the pole dance? oo... you trend setter you...

Posted by: pc on Jan 02, 06 | 9:11 am

well.. what i MEANT to say was... you're having so much fun that you're never gonna WANNA come back...


Posted by: pc on Jan 02, 06 | 9:12 am

Fun and torture mixed together in Patong - so appropriate that i'm reading my Pynchon novel!

I have to come back - my 42" plasma awaits!

And when I say restaurants in Phuket, I am referring specifically to the beach-side of the island - Patong, Karon, Kata.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 02, 06 | 10:57 am

twenty-oh only eliminates one syllable and sounds less classy. it'll never catch on (until twenty ten).

Posted by: TheScrewySkeptic on Jan 02, 06 | 12:08 pm

Orgasmic bar girls > 42" plasma TV

Posted by: chlim01 on Jan 02, 06 | 1:53 pm

E@L, Long time listener, first time caller. The registration thing always seemed a hassle! Mate always enjoy your page (after reading hemlock first of course!) I am in Patong with a couple of mates from 4th to 9th. If you are at a loose end and feel a like a beer with some blokes of moderate entertainment value please drop us a line. Cheers Mackie

Posted by: mackie on Jan 03, 06 | 10:21 am

This may not be helpful, but both Tatonka and the Red Room up near Bangtao are very good. Also, the restaurant at the Mangosteen has a very good European chef. I was most impressed when I tried it out, not what one might expect at a resort hotel. Highly recommended. Mom Tri's is not bad, though I found it a bit unoriginal. There is also a very very good place at Kamala beach called Rockfish.

Posted by: Biker Boy on Jan 04, 06 | 3:32 pm

mackie, how to contact? I am at Patong Bay Garden Resort. Ask for Phillip (my psuedonym) and use the secret handshake...

Biker Boy, Mom Tris is on my list to try out. Rockfisj\h at Kamal - ok will try. European food is not my schtick unless, hey hey, I am in Europe.

Alvin, too true... I am resigned to 5 more nights of this. Oh the pain.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 05, 06 | 6:17 pm


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