Shoulda toyned left at Albekoykee...

Walking down the road, eyes open for a familiar restaurant that does a pretty good fried cat-fish... not this one, not this, man they all look alike...

Avoiding the massage parlors for the moment: "Hello-mithta-massa?" they slur with indifference...

A small boy, barely able to walk, holds aloft a sprig of leaves, twirling it - an achievement - as I amble past in the twilight. He shows the sprig to me, a broad grin on his dirty face. Is he trying to give it to me? No. I loosely take his thin arm for balance as he has stumbled right in front of me, releasing it as I pass and smile a big friendly farang smile right back. His mother by her small food grille, bends to hold him steady; she laughs. Poor little kid, I think, destined for a life of faking that spontaneous smile for all the rich farangs of his future...


Spent a short while browsing in the New Enhanced Market for a wedding present for my friend in Chiang Mai (wedding is in three days - yeah I know, plan ahead) and the myriad shops have nothin but various combinations/permutations of

- tee-shirts and long-shorts
- cutesy "Asian" trinkets and associated tourist crap
- bags and scarves
- shoes and towels

Nothing else. Man, THE CRAP ALL LOOKS ALIKE!






And not fucking different at all.

Thailand is getting to me quicker than usual. It's usually three days before I go beserk with anger and frustration. (Having recently read about the violent quelling of the Thammasat University student uprisings of 1973 and 1976, plus the recent atrocities in southern Thailand, I am not always inclined to think all that favorably of the people of this famed Land of Smiles...)


Have come to the end of the street. Found an Internet cafe in what I now realize is the gay soi...

Tether's terminus can't be much further along...

And I just realised the restaurant I am so keenly searching for is in Pattaya... 500km away.



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 30, 05 | 7:18 pm | Profile


sounds like you are getting pretty burned out with Phuket, so try something Phnom Penh or whatever.

Posted by: Frisko on Dec 31, 05 | 7:46 am

At least Phuket sounds like it is getting back on its feet.

BTW have you tried Sihanoukville?

Posted by: chlim01 on Dec 31, 05 | 11:02 am

Carl: burned out, scorched, in flames... I've been on the road for too long a stretch - 8 weeks or so. Nothing would make me happy today, not even paradise. Every little thing is getting my goat... Silly, really.

Alvin: there seem to be some much improved hotels around other than my own (not that bad really), but Spike is paying $US170 a night on Kata beach and his room doesn't even have a TV!

Good example, the new Holiday Inn (don't laugh) looks quite OK.

Sihanoukville? The beaches look a bit rough.... Nah. I think I am turning into a 5-star person. All I need is the cash to support it long enough to get accustomed.

Actually I just want my own bed and time to catch up with those 50 odd DVDs from my last 3 trips to Thailand on my 42" plasma!


Posted by: expat@large on Dec 31, 05 | 2:48 pm

The sand isn't as nice as Samui or Phuket, but the atmosphere in Snooky is more laid-back and the locals don't harass tourists as much.

Posted by: chlim01 on Dec 31, 05 | 8:04 pm


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