Noi's Diary

My name Noi. I work in a bar in Pattaya. I came from Khon Khaen when I am seventeen to work in Pattaya. I dream that to work would be good fun by the beach and I can make a lot of money. They toll me Pattaya very good place, lots of rich people, lots of lights and good music and dancing all the night. It sounds like Hollywood to me and I want to come here.

The bar is OK but I am here all the night. I dress up and put on makeup and talk with my friends. I do not go to dancing as I must work in the bar. Sometimes a customer will take me to dancing or take us to the beach or to Ko Laan in the day. The farang man most time come to the bar and drink beer and want to fuck me. Some farang try be nice, but farang get too drunk. The farang he just fuck like animal. I must give the money to my boss. I get half the money from fucking. My boss I don't like. He is Frenchman. I must pay him for my room and my food. I send money to my father and my mother. I must work here long time to make me rich. This is not what I wanted. My life is fucking.

[This is pretty much what I remember reading at a bar in Pattaya, when Noi showed me what she was writing, to practice her English. E@L]


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 20, 04 | 2:56 am | Profile



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