"if the distance between us doesn’t afraid you"

Nigel James Brown, an Aussie guy E@L knows, has been e-approached on an Internet dating site by some "29 y.o." Russian babe. Is she for real? Is she actually a 44 year-old IT bloke living quietly in Canberra? Is he? Nigel has decided to tag her along just to see what happens, how far she is prepared to go, right up to the point of his actually spending money on her.

I suppose this could be considered cruel if it turns out that she is genuine. And how could a person with tits like this be anything but genuine? Except maybe, for the ash-white hair? And what's with the hat? But 29 years old? Yeah right. Note the camel-toe on the bottom picture. Definitely not a hooker.

Could she, should she, would she BE ONLY AFTER HIS MONEY? And a Visa to Australia as his wife? Would her cousins Alexi and Yuri make the trip too? Then bash Nigel up once he and Katya have tied the knot and take all the money he has saved for a house deposit in Fyshwyck? What was that Nicole Kidman movie again?

Be vewy vewy careful Nigel...

Check out the first two letters from her, on the first page. They are almost identical. She's obviously using some sort of Form-letter.

Hint: she works in a marriage agency. She wouldn't be aware of how to do marriage scams then would she?

Amusing - and sort of sad really. There could be a book in it however!



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 05 | 8:42 pm | Profile


The building on the top picture ist the st. peters cathedral in rome! This photo must be taken in a "miniland" park. Very popular parks all over europe. This will be also the explanation for the monorail in the background.

29 years old?? erhm

Posted by: drymonsoon on Nov 27, 05 | 10:11 pm

Any clue as to what city from the advertisement on the monorail?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 05 | 10:39 pm

Makiron could be: "Makiron® first-aid antiseptics" (yahoo)
Seller: Zepharma inc. Japan

But the advertisement is not in jap. kor. or chin. characters...

hm, the monorail could be (bad picture, but I didnt found any other with a blue track):

All in all not very much...and maybe totally wrong

Posted by: drymonsoon on Nov 28, 05 | 12:29 am

Good sleuthing! Monsoon!

Right or wrong Monorail, Nigel is up for one hell of a ride!

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 28, 05 | 10:55 am


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