Big Mistake - 1/4 million mistakes!

E@L backed-up his MySql Database of blogs, stripped most of the database shite from them and - mistake coming - He Did a Word-Count.

268,712 words. One quarter of a million words. Admittedly there still a lot of dross in there, like hmtl code and the like, but that is so fucking scary! How many good sized books is that? Two, three? Holy fucking waste of time, Batman!

Time spent writing on the internet?

21 months.

Time spent writing on the novel (any novel! Or even the usual output of the REAL writer -- short-stories, articles, travel-pieces, poems)?

0 mins.

Artistic merit achieved?


# of blogs that have come on-line since he attempted to quell their swell by the example of his exacting excellence?

20.8 million!


In an evil twist of ironic fate E@L, by planning to rid the world of their contagion through high-class, quality blogging(!), has somehow metamorphosised into that which he most abhors! He has become part of the Fraternity of the Infinite Monkeys...

Typing anything - achieving nothing! Saying much - changing nothing!

Sob... Maybe they'll study me one day, as a case study in the Science of Procrastination.

"I ask myself," wrote the novelist Elias Canetti in 1973, "whether, among those who build their leisurely, secure, dead regular academic life on that of a writer who had lived in misery and despair, there is one who is ashamed of himself." J. M. Coetzee, NYRB 47;17, Nov 2000

OK, that's it. No more blogging.




Posted by: expat@large on Nov 07, 05 | 2:09 pm | Profile


I await your novel with bated breath. Advice: a dash of sex sells.

"Pynchon implies that men of soul, like Roger Mexico, always waste themselves by loving treacherous beauties who sell out; there's no little sexism in this." ---> sounds like E@L??? hahaha

Posted by: XenoBoy on Nov 07, 05 | 11:52 pm

I think that such is the implicit and explicit message of much of Pynchon, but E@L is an even slower learner...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 08, 05 | 12:28 am

Which begs for the question: Can you exply something?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 08, 05 | 12:36 am


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