Queen and Paul Rogers


This DVD is in the shops in Singapore. I wonder if it has been censored? Must pick it up for this decade's dose of Stadium-Rock. [ Addendum: There are some video exerpts on the above photo-link. Brian May plays about the best I've ever seen him on "The Wishing Well." Check it out. And Paul Rogers stance - legs wide apart, body angled 45 degrees, left arm tightly flexed to hold the mike in his fist, right hand pointing at the crowd - is the absolutely 70's way to sing rock songs... Solid!]

I first heard about Queen teaming with Paul Rogers (he's former lead singer of Free and Bad Company, kiddies) back in June from a friend who sat me down to watch a Bad Company DVD he had. Great stuff!


Straight Shooter was one of THE essential albums that defined 1975 - although as everybody else had a copy I didn't need one - instead I used a music copyright evasion technology called "the cassette tape."

Everybody can (and should) sing along to the classic anthems Shooting Star and Feel Like Makin' Love. We listened to this album over and over as we drove down in Peter Hayes' brother's car to go surfing at 13th Beach (usually at The Corner or Beacon.)


Then again, we'd also listen to Suzie Quattro, so we weren't all that discriminating. There are some stories of Cheech and Chong-like escapades down there as well. I am sure passers-by must have thought the car was on fire with all that smoke inside...


Ah the memories, those that I CAN remember of course...

Must get some of my old surfing pics, scan them and post them for you. E@L once used to be a sportsperson!



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 06, 05 | 9:40 am | Profile


The MDA has a list of the films it has censored, so maybe you can check that.

Posted by: chlim01 on Nov 06, 05 | 12:24 pm

Ah, you found the place I was looking for! Excellent!

So there are 3 versions of BB, as seen here, one for DVD, one for VDC, and one for film.

The DVD is nearly twice as long? WTF? (Ah, it's 2 disc thing, with extra features.)

But interestingly the DVD version on my Dics 1 goes for 140 minutes, which tallies with neither the VDC version at 145 mins, or the Film version at 135 mins.

So maybe it was cut by the film company before it even got to Singapore. All have a PG rating I notice. Then what version did I see on the plane?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 06, 05 | 9:11 pm


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