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Singabloodypore asks some very good questions (again) about the effect of "harsh penalties" on crimes like drug trafficking.

In Singapore, we "know" that harsh punishments work. We "know" there is low crime. Or do we? Where are the statistics and what methodology generated them? We did not always have the mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking - was there really a drop in drug trafficking and drug-related crime when that was introduced? When we are told that "the problem would be even worse" without these measures, how do we "know"? There's a lot we think we know, but what do we, really?

Of course we don't know, we have just been going along with whatever has been told us. But if so many people are still being caught and hung, obviously the deterrent effect is not so effective, yeah? Or else the numbers would have dropped away over the years! Are we seeing this? No. Therefore there is no strong deterrent effect.

And what effect did it have on Nguyen's actions? Did he even know that being in transit was legally equivalent to bringing it in and feeding to rich Singaporean school kids himself?

Barbaric. All death penalties are barbaric.

Sure drugs are evil, no-one's saying they're not, but MANDATORY death sentencing for drug-mules shows that the judiciary has a very simplistic view of the world. That is a child's view of the world: black & white.

Adults are supposed to see the shades of grey in an argument, to see the mitigating circumstances, to see the motivation and desperation - to see the underlying worth of the person. Some 'criminals' are merely normal people in a desperate situation.

And anyway, the Government should not kill people. That's all he wrote.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 04, 05 | 10:23 pm | Profile


Some people "know" it's a furphy!,10117,17143687-1702,00.html?from=rss

Posted by: Molly Meek on Nov 05, 05 | 9:09 am

Great link, thanx, Molly.


"There is not one shred of evidence that the mandatory death penalty in Singapore for trafficking in illegal drugs is more of a deterrent against drug crimes than alternative sentences such as life imprisonment," he said.

" can they possibly say that their grotesque policy of hanging minor drug couriers is working?

"... and those who are executed are not generally the king pins but small scale drug couriers like Van Nguyen," he said.

End quote.


Hey! Didn't I just say that?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 05, 05 | 9:48 am

Actually, it partly depends on how lucky one is.

e.g. there was the recent case of the pretty German girl who was busted for drugs in Singapore.

Initially it looked like she would get the death penalty, but after multiple checks by the authorities, it turned out the amount of drugs she was caught with was a smidgin less than that required for the noose. So she was sentenced to jail instead.

Posted by: chlim01 on Nov 05, 05 | 1:31 pm

this is in no way related to the above entry.

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