Statistical Variations

How come my blog stats show a pronounced week-day modal pattern... I'm just a rollercoaster (toast yer in a big four poster bed - MGF) viz:


... whereas MercerMachine's are much less cyclical? OK they have this peak that's a lot higher than mine because he is a) seriously a better writer and b) sillily a better drawer, but why the lack of week-end dips?


Obviously my readers (all three of them - MM being one I presume) have better things to do on the weekends.

The difference could be my self-fulfilling fault in this sense: on the weekends, if I am not playing golf because my friends are in Lake Tahoe, then I am so bored I keep reading his stuff when I should be out picking up babes/ seeking my soul-mate / working on my novel / doing the house-cleaning / making a nice lamb roast / buying new self-delusion-help books like The Game by Neil Strauss.


Subtitle: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

Time for E@L to turn his life around, baby!

Remember that character in Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia, Frank T.J ("respect the cock") Mackey? He is one of charac(icatures)ters under the author's microscope, in an interview with Tom, hisself. Strauss also wrote such classics as "The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band" - with Motley Crue, and "The long hard road out of hell" - with Marliyn Manson, and of course, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale" - with Jenna Jameson.

Watch for all the right moves coming soon to a hip and trendy club near YOU (The Hollandse Club?)... and baby if you ain't on your guard from Mr Irrestistable you'll be coming soon too... yeoowww!



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 01, 05 | 9:44 pm | Profile


that version is so out of stock. looks like many people need help getting booty. by the way, paperback version's in. nicer looking too

Posted by: Mainebabe on Nov 02, 05 | 1:12 am

Nah, I love that edition - I made the girls go and find me one rather than the cheesy paperback - there were some under the counter (in brown paper bags for "special" clients?)

It is done up to look like a Bible with black-cloth cover, gold embossed pages - and when you are reading it at a train-station and you burst out laughing it don't half make the 7th Day Adventist's all twitchy...

The main pick-up master-guy - "Mystery" - is totally insecure. All these lotharios seem to have major self-esteem problems.

I am no good at picking up "booty", as you so charmingly put it (that's a "neg" - a slight put-down but in jest, just to keep you focussed), according to this book because I got plenty of love and reassurance as a child and am not emotionally insecure...

But I am not getting any booty either!

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 02, 05 | 4:48 pm

heh. you people said 'booty'.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Nov 03, 05 | 7:03 am

Yeah but mine was parenthetical.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 03, 05 | 10:03 am

heh. expat's booty is parenthetical.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Nov 03, 05 | 7:06 pm

you're treading a fine line there, MM, a fine line...

E@L doesn't have reputation for being grumpy for nothing. Oh, that's right yes he does.

Until the guy at TCC today asked if only wanted just ONE coffee? ... E@L near as exploded! "How many people are there at this fucking table table, jerk! I've given you my order now FUCK OFF and get my Macadamia Nut Frappe! YES with FUCKING WHIPPED CREAM! Did I say NO to the whipped cream when I made the fucking order? No! So WHY are you FUCKING ASK ME NOW??? Are you saying I am FAT, you CUNT?!?! I'm trying to listen to some music here (powderfinger still) and read my book (Bartleby & Co) for crissake, stop fucking interrupting me within inane, insulting, out-of-the-trainee-manual questions, and making me take my ear-phone out for NO FUCKING REASON!!! ! Just get MY FUCKING ORDER IN! NOWWW!!!!!!!" or words, I mean looks, to that effect.

Issues with being alone, you might have noticed lately.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 03, 05 | 9:05 pm

I'm looking for a book. It's blue.

Am I that sort of customer you think?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 03, 05 | 9:07 pm

a rollercoaster blog stat?
Maybe most of the readers are bored in their offices and save up the weekend stuff for boooooooooooooooooring monday?

Posted by: drymonsoon on Nov 05, 05 | 5:03 am

So my blog is not exciting enough for weekends? Very true.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 05, 05 | 9:38 am

ha ha, fishing for compliments?
Okay okay, your blog is exciting.
Just look at your recent visitors world map...
btw, today is saturday!

Posted by: drymonsoon on Nov 05, 05 | 3:24 pm

all day?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 05, 05 | 9:03 pm


Posted by: drymonsoon on Nov 05, 05 | 10:53 pm

thanx for that.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 06, 05 | 10:46 am


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