E@L was searching for a copy of the famous painting of some doofus Romantic guy standing on a mountan peak, which I think was based on Keats' "Silent Upon a Peak in Darien" stood Cortes the Killer, dancing across the water - no, don't get distracted E@L! - so I Googled "peak in Darien painting", and hit number 35 or so, was --

this essay/manifesto by Alexander Trocchi, whom I was abloggin' about awhile ago!

The individual has a profound sense of his own impotence as he realizes the immensity of the forces involved.

Mmm. Spooky mystic weird. EEEeeeeerelevant, but spooky mystic weird in its own quirky, cute way.

Anyway the point was, E@L was gonna, like, photoshop the painting and put a Vibrating Javelin through his chest, for purposes of illustrating the previous post. Unnerstand? Help can? Maybe even a stick figure drawing would do: my 4 year old HP scanner ain't XP compatible. Bugger.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 01, 05 | 12:46 am | Profile


your picture is served...


Posted by: MercerMachine on Nov 01, 05 | 7:04 am


Shouldn't you be writing you novel(s)?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 01, 05 | 9:35 am


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