Why I Blog About What I Blog About -- Horror Writers! -- Just joking!

Because it fuckingwell amuses me.

It's not like I am paying the rent with income from this blog - which costs me about USD$120 to maintain - and have to please anybody except little old big me.

So all you hateful people can go and read Xiaxue instead...



(Sounds of crickets chirruping)


Former Goth Horror safetypin-up girl Poppy Z Brite has declared that her next novel might not be a horror book at all and her fans/stalkers are rolling over in their graves...

I really wish someone could explain to me why some readers think moving away from fiction that can be labeled "Horror" means you are NEGLECTING YOUR INNER DARKNESS. And, furthermore, what makes them think my "inner darkness" and whether I choose to explore it is ANY OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS.

Ditto for me regarding who or what I blog about.

She makes a good point about "horror" writing, and of writing about "inner darkness":

There's a hell of a lot more "inner darkness" to be found in Carson McCullers' The Heart is a Lonely Hunter or Graham Greene's The Quiet American than in most of what you'll find on the Barnes & Noble horror shelf.

Well E@L wouldn't know as there's no Barnes and Noble in Singapore. We have to suffer with Kinokoniyyuaniya (whatever!) and Borders. And with Times, man, we really suffer! Oh the horror!


As ChLim has discovered, right at about the same time, Anne Rice is also forgoing the Vampyres... She is chasing that other supernatural "couldn't save himself if he was nailed to a tree" superhero, Jesus Horatio Trinity/3 Hisself!


It's OK. E@L is not REALLY angry and upset over the thousands and thousands of complaints and vicious hate emails he has been swamped with.

Because he has had nary a one. This registering to post a comment is a real pain and makes life dead boring, but he doesn't know how to turn it off (it is intrinsic to the software - pMachine.)

He's merely practising his petulant rejoinders, just in case that last comment about J*sus gets the registered voters riled.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 25, 05 | 12:21 am | Profile


Actually, registering is a good way to prevent the comments from being flooded by spammers. I myself had to switch on comment protection after receiving a bunch of spam.

Posted by: chlim01 on Oct 25, 05 | 11:52 am

Dude. It's KinokoniyyuaYIya man.

And USD$120 is pretty steep a price to be paying...

Maybe if you show a little more leg. (I'm joking. That'd be a bad idea.)

Posted by: WJ the II on Oct 25, 05 | 5:14 pm

I'm paying $7.95/m for hosting (http://www.lunarpages.com/) in the USofA, plus $20 for anonymity of the domain name. (May be a bit late for that, but there you are).

Oh not to metion the $80 I paid for the blogging software! Note that I don't have a boring Blogger template.

It's like owning a gym pass (which I don't) - if it was free I wouldn't feel committed to do it!

Sure it's not Kinokokierkegaard?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 25, 05 | 5:41 pm

yes the log-in thing is a fucking pain in the ass. When a sane clacker should put the registration thing on this comment box instead of an ugly white page with a dotted box.

its konikibuya la and if you have not already read this go pick it up ... "Q" by the collective authors known as luther blissett

120 bux can get you long time and not short time.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Oct 25, 05 | 11:12 pm

"Q" is on my dressing table, has been for some many weeks/months... even before you quoted it from it.

It is in, dare I say it (dare! dare!),

The Queue(TM)

along with

Murakami (Ryu) - Coin Locker Babies
Womack - elvissey
HaJin - War Trash
Murakami (Haruki) - Kafka on the Shore
Pynchon - Mason & Dixon

and several hundred others.

As Strindberg says: when we buy books we assume we are buying the time to read them.

But as Steve Miller and/or Deltron3030 say: Time keeps on slipping...
Slipping into the future


I can't control the HTML of the registration page and by that I mean I don't know how to. I suppose I could work it out - if I got bored and listfull one of these fading-colonial-sunset gin-and-tonic evenings...


Posted by: expat@large on Oct 25, 05 | 11:34 pm

Ahahaha ... of the books you listed, I have read three of them and I suspect there are more common titles. You have to bonk less and read more!

The queue is long so bump Q up then.

Oh, and since we're on the topic of Horror, JC, Anne Rice and Vampyres and Draculyas ... let me recommend another book, JG Eccarius, the Last Days of Jesus Christ the Vampire ... horrible book but still *some* people love it ... and this seditious little tract was found 8 years ago by XenoBoy in that bookshop located at the heart of Orchard Rd, at that cross-juction where so many zombies trudge nary a care of red man green man!

Screw the software and get another!

Posted by: XenoBoy on Oct 26, 05 | 8:55 pm

Let me guess which 3 - the Asian ones.

Ahahaha... the list of Books In The Study Still Unread nearly surpasses that of the Books Everyone Else Has Read So Its Like You've Read Them As Well, plus the Books You Have Read But Forgotten The Gist Of And Need To Reread Soon, and the Books By That Author You've Been Meaning To Catch Up On, not to mention the Books Which Have Been Recommended By Posters On Your Blog...

For abstruse horror books, how about Satan Burger by Carlton Mellick III...
He makes a Devil of a hamburger.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 26, 05 | 10:17 pm

Err two of the Murakamis, that was easy. Now which of the remaining two? Hmmmmmmmm

Satan Burger ... hehe, see if i can find it in salmon land.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Oct 26, 05 | 11:41 pm

I would say you are a Pynchon man - always the inner-lecher-al.

At the SWF recently Bruce Sterling and Norman Spinrad were in extreme disagreement as to whether the ending of Gravity's Rainbow was Great or Terrible.

All I know is that it's still 300 pages from where I got to...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 27, 05 | 6:16 pm


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