More Evidence that E@L is An Expat at Large

Photographic proof that Wanchai is different from when E@L was a lad back in the late 90's.


Strawberries (sic: actually it is "Strawberry") at 5:30 am on Saturday night / Sunday morning...


Empty. It would once be the most pumping place around at that time.


Neptunes at 1:30 am Saturday night / Sunday morning...


Pumping. It used to be a Sunday afternoon place mainly. Note the "young" punter (who shall remain nameless) "double fisting" his Whiskey'n'cokes.


Me? What did I do? OK some things haven't changed all that much. The Berry at 5:30.


Couldn't block out her eyes or you'd miss the entirely appropriate accusation in them... I think she was still working there back in 1998 when E@L first ventured into Wanchai and probably remembered him for some minor infraction... She was probably wearing that same outfit too. In which case that minor infraction might have become a repeat offence. Who knows?



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 05 | 11:26 pm | Profile


she could use a little more on top and a little less below i feel. what did you do, ask her "how much?" what an accusing look.

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 25, 05 | 6:09 am

It was actually EvilD*nny(TM) who was at fault (that's his arm and finger pointing + saying "Me? It was YOU who provoked me by wearing next to nothing!").

I merely had the camera to record the events -- which btw shall never see the light of blog/day now that an arrangement has been reached.... (he said, counting the money...)

She is quite the "experienced" (i.e. old) campaigner, and with that sort of uniform she needs a bit of abdominal padding.

My problem is that I have no suitable small talk for these ladies. As you know, I have no suitable small talk at all.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 25, 05 | 5:05 pm

Well it is obvious that this girl is a Christian child. Note the crucifix dangling between her less than voluptuous (but never the less attractive) breasts. (how DO you spell voloptuous? vol up chew ass?)
Obviously very pure also as she is in virginal white.
So I think what the expression is saying is along the lines of "you should be good for $100US and gone in 5 minutes"

Posted by: The Bludger on Oct 25, 05 | 7:25 pm

And I was Walking in Strawberry's!
Walking with my feet 10 feet of off Lockard
Walking in Strawberry's...

I said; "Tell me are you a Christian child?
She said; "Man I am (yours for $100) tonight!"

(apologies to whatever his one-hit-wonder name was...)


& Five minutes is pushing the E@L limit...

You'd know about that -- It's either can't get started or can't last...

The tragedy of accelerating decrapitude.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 25, 05 | 10:46 pm


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