Incriminating Memory Stimulus

Just going through the camera before crashing in bed and OMG! It seems E@L took his camera out on Friday night... There's a fortune in bribery to be made!

A self-incriminating shot from Neptunes at 2:19am here - is that a wicked glint in E@L's eye or WHAT!


This absolutely gorgeous (and with excellent dentition) girl's interest in him waned precipitously when he said he had nowhere to take her. But it was a fun romance while it lasted...

More evidence to come. Maybe: it depends upon whether the cash comes through before the deadline or not...


And Robby, don't forget I owe you $200 for the taxi ride home, plus about 4 bottles of white wine. Thanx. (Now you see why I had no cash on me...)



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 23, 05 | 10:34 pm | Profile


did i ever tell you that your eyes are your nicest features? but in the words of Queen Clarice Rinaldi, "hidden beneath bushmen eyebrows!"

drinks drinks and more drinks. ain't no use dieting if you keep fillin 'er up with alc.

however i did manage the almost impossible task of putting my arms around you. let's hope i'll still be able to the next time we meet.

got a new idea for a costume at your next fancy dress party. maybe halloween? go as the laughing buddha! :)

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 24, 05 | 6:44 am

and I thought it was my riveting conversation - you know, the bits where I talk about the relevance of JRRRRrrrr Tolkien's experience in the First World War to his depiction of friendship and loss which provides LOTR with much of its appeal and give it a universal relevance...

and you stare vacantly into the distance...

and then you say something like: "men don't go down on their girlfriends enough..."


Hunters and Collectors:
"And you can thro-o-o-o-o-ow
your arms around me...

That was definitely one of the songs we played on Saturday. It was an Australian anthems afternoon!


Is there an Evil Buddha (TM)? I could do him! Or is the dichotomy of Good v Evil more of a gnostic hangover from our confused Chrisitian pastiche of a religion whereby westerners are always looking for the simple B&W answers, compared to eastern religion which offer a far more relativistic view of morality and the problem of evil?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 05 | 10:19 am

men don't just not go down on their girlfriends enough. well chinese men mostly.

and it was a much better topic than LOTR, which is overhyped, i feel.

you could always lose the weight, and then go as Expat-in-Smalls. course' you'd have to show up in your underpants, but that wouldn't be a problem now would it?

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 24, 05 | 4:30 pm

I can't speak for Chinese men... and I 'm not going to speak for me either! Not in pubic. I mean public.

Lose weight? Haven't I lost 15kg in the last 9 months? If it wasn't for a fucking huge dinner every night I'd be your size by now.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 05 | 8:22 pm


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