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Desperate Housemaids

E@L is staying at a mate and his wife's place in Hong Kong, and they have slightly more "family values" than him, so he is barred from bringing any "visitors" home.

Compared to Spike at HongkieTown, whose latest post (as most of them do) got E@L a'thinking, E@L always goes the easy option of a working girl (or girls).

Why? Does he have issues with the talking-talking, get to know you, get to break your heart, style of picking up one of the thousand of maids out in Neptunes and Boracay and Laguna, all most looking for a good time? He knows they need their lovin' too, that they would be happy for a male friend to sparkle up their "Desperate Housemaid" lives even if just for a Sunday afternoon of canto-pop and DVDs followed by a nice low-skill fuck, a quick clean-up of the flat in the nude just to titillate and show some of their real skills, with the possibility of changing jobs away from those horrendously cruel Chinese families to a rich, kind, Western banker with a big white dick...

But E@L just doesn't have it in him (not the big dick, but the spirit to pick these girls up). Too old, too cynical, too burned-out.

Maybe, just maybe, he's afraid of falling in love. Many of the maids are of course decent, nice people in a tough position and sex is as nice for them as it is for anybody else. Maybe they are addicted to falling in love, as some have said. That's one thing E@L has grown out of, hardened his heart against, he hopes. (However, even the mightiest may still fall: for example, Evil D*nny(TM) claims to be "in luuurve" these days. E@L didn't see much evidence of that on Saturday night, but that's his business.)

Maybe E@L just doesn't have the appropriate conversational skills - what do these guys talk about with a maid? The latest technology in cleaning products? Some people (Evil D*nny(TM)) says that sort of comment it typical: it is because E@L won't compromise on the level of conversation - he won't come "down" to the girls' intellectual level - that he never get's to get to know some really nice people. But when you consider that many of these ladies have University degrees or otherwise a good high-school education (there another blog on the myth about education being the answer for poor nations coming up) that cannot always be true. Of course when they are dancing on the floor, wiggling their arse and tits at you, you might not have that fact in the forefront of your mind.

Confession or rationalisation - you be the judge: Maybe it's not because E@L doesn't want to talk to them, maybe it's because he just can't - married at 19 not single again till 40 - he never learnt those small-talking, pick-up skills.

It's the old "wherever you go, there you are" shtick. He couldn't score in Geelong: he couldn't score in Wanchai.

So sad-case E@L takes the easy option again (education, marriage, career, shagging).


Typical example of a conversation between E@L and a girl in Wanchai:

She: "Hello, mister..."
He: "How much?"
She: "$1500"
He: "$500"
She (thinks for a nano-second): "OK."
He: "Taxi!"


He knows of many other guys (his ex-flat-mate Lee, for example) who have the totally opposite view - they would rather pick-up a genuine girl, usually a maid with a 9pm curfew, at Neptunes on Sunday than pay (E@L means pay directly - we all pay eventually!) for a hooker.

But that doesn't stop his big white dick from doing the thinking in Wanchai... His last-chance, too-low-light, but highly-skilled Strawberrys grab (to complete the BJ that started on the floor at Fenwicks) said she had a 19 year old daughter! - "Bring her on down" he said (or thought)... Until the manager shined his ever-loving light on them and told her to stop doing that!



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 17, 05 | 9:15 am | Profile


bloody hell.

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 18, 05 | 4:39 pm

tame stuff compared to what really goes on...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 18, 05 | 11:47 pm


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