Two or One 4 One?

The Happy Hour signs in Singapore pubs never cease to mildly irritate amuse E@L .

One 4 One they gaily proclaim, as if the phrase had some positive meaning and would ensure the garnering of hordes of thirsty punters and the rapid maxing out of their credit cards. But it rattles around in E@L's (very tender) brain and fails to find its parent idiom. It doesn't have the meaning it purports.

"One for one" to E@L means, "One drink for the price of one drink." Where's the bargain in that? He shrugs and moves on.

Much more reasonable and enticing are the happy hour signs he is used to seeing Hong Kong and Australia, more like this one from England:


Two 4 One, i.e.: two drinks for the price of one.

Now THAT'S a reason to drink too much if ever there was one or two.


A reason NOT to drink too much at a Bollywood Party is that you start dancing like an idiot, leering comically at all the bare-mid riffed, roly-poly-mid-riffed women (present company excepted) and wobbling your head so much that you pull a muscle in your brain... Because your head really hurts next day. REALLY hurts.

Then again, E@L suspects that those Margaritas might have been made with right-handed ice crystals, because as Scientific Research has shown, levo-rotatory ice crystals preclude hangovers. (Can't link to the research as E@L is still looking for a reference on the Internet to that 1940's publishing prank.)


Speaking of reasons not to drink too much, the man for whom two livers for the price of one is not good enough, George Best, is quoted in today's paper:

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.


Classic. The man could have been an Expat!



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 09, 05 | 4:27 pm | Profile


Spike just reminded me of the Hong Kong online brothel: - doubt that you'd get much for free with any of those girls...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 10, 05 | 4:57 pm


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