Bling -- Ghost Story

At the suggestion of Mainebabe, E@L bought a $20 turban for tonight's Bollywood Party at the Dutch Club (oh won't it be fun!)... Will he wear it? For, like, 30 seconds of photo ops...

He also picked up a gold and diamond chain, similar bracelet, and some toes rings for a few bucks to add that Bollywood Bling. For a bindi, he was considering supergluing an M&M to his glabella - the bit of forehead between (or top of in some cases) the eyebrows. Sounds too painful?

You're absolutely right, let's eat those M&Ms.


There was some concern about the gender of one of the waiters at Breeze last night. Acted and spoke like a woman, but was in the form of a man. No bra, either, as was noted by TT. Weird, huh?

"What waiter isn't gay," asked E@L

"Hey, I was a waiter once," protesteth MM.

The defense keeps counsel.


Speaking of spooky mystic weird: Mainey went home and saw a freaking GHOST!

If having to sit next to E@L wasn't upsetting enough! Scariest night out in Singapore!


And where's that Curtis White book, whatever it was? It wasn't on the Kinokinuya shelves this afternoon!



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 08, 05 | 6:13 pm | Profile



say it with me people!

well i'll check out the book for u tomorrow. if there's stock available i'll reserve it for you under "Turban"

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 09, 05 | 1:51 pm

I have reverse dialsexier.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 09, 05 | 2:40 pm


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