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E@L has been trying to overcome the chronic lack of a supportive emotional attachment with a mature (-minded but young-bodied) and intelligent member of the foreign incomprehensible inscrutable opposite sex and with it being more than 2 weeks since he enjoyed a double Moon River at Eden Club in Bangkok, he needs SOMETHING...

He has tried abstinence, but that means, like, abstinence...

He has tried a banana-walnut ice-cream in a fresh waffle-cone, but that is SOOOO un-diet friendly.

He has tried home cooking, but people die.

He thought he'd try shopping.


The perspicacious amongst may have noticed an addition to E@L's lounge-room on one of the photographs on the previous blog entry.

Ya! Some new Mission782 speakers. Cool. E@L can't actually link you to the correct page as it is one of those fucking flash-based sites - but here is the description:

The Mission 782 Compact Tower offers high definition, monitor class loudspeaker in a graceful and visually attractive package. The 782 is an exquisite piece of furniture for the serious audiophile. The 782 bases its performance on a 165mm Nomex bass unit fitted to a reflex enclosure that extends low frequency output to reach the lowest fundamental of bass guitar...


Je repeatez: Cooo-oool!!! And that's E@L, "the serious audiophile" talkin...

But that's not all. Does the name Moran mean anything to you? OK he's the funny guy in Black Books, but E@L in this instance is talking about Moran Furniture here. The best leather uphoslterer in Australia. OK that's a little like Mel Brooks saying, "We are world famous in Poland!" in To Be Or Not To Be, but you get the point - they are damn good! They have a cut-away chair in Barang-Barang in Plaza Singapura if you want to check out their solid construction.

E@L has always wanted to recline on his own plush soft leather couch and lie back and snore in his own ultra-comfortable recliner. No! to read books in of course, not to fall asleep in in front of the telly! Something grossly slighty self-indulgent to tide him over until retirement.

Just to have some quality stuff around himself for once in his freaking money deprived life. Fair dinkum, no more second best.

E@L has some cash. OK, it's an expense account refund, but it's still money.

And he managed to score a 35% per cent discount by taking the on-floor stock even though the colours of the recliner and the lounge were not exactly perfect matches - antique red v. antique chestnut (you'd never notice unless you weren't functionally blind - groan, OK, second best one last time!), but the alternative was a 3 month wait and an extra $1K on the bottom line (no on-floor discount.) So, in the end, he basically got the recliner for 20% of normal price. And it is SOOOOOOO comfortable. It is Homer Simspon compatible!


E@L bought the 2-seater and the recliner chair of this model. Luxury!

All he has to do is be in Singapore frequently enough to enjoy them.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 05 | 10:20 pm | Profile


what a typical man's apartment. no sign of a woman's influence anywhere from this view. not that that's a bad thing.

you have a large big-toe.

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 03, 05 | 12:27 am

We agree. Three cheers for that! (We presume you are referring to the image in the previous post.)

Note also the three remotes and a screwdriver adjacent to E@L's hallicus magnus. The fouth remote is on the couch next to his gluteus maximus.

E@L has several theories about remotes. Ask him some/next time.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 03, 05 | 1:06 am


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