Snippets from 38,000 feet

Stunned!: E@L heard a certain blogger say, "I am working on a piece about blah blah"

Bloggers "preparing" a blog entry? WTF? Next thing you know they'll be using spell-check.

Goes against the commandments of the God of Blog Spontaneity, noticeably the one where it says, "Thou shalt not revise a draft." Even if it offends people, even if it is seditious or salacious!

The only time E@L ever rewrites anything is when he presses the wrong combination of buttons accidentally whilst typing and deletes the entire text before having posted it...

All too frequently, in other words. All in other words, too frequently. In other words, all too frequently. Too frequently, all in other words. All other words, too infrequently. All other words infrequently, too. Too frequently words, all others in. (Note to self, remove ambiguity from that sentence.)


Exception: Going against this otherwise sacrosanct principle on non-drafting, at the moment as E@L is actually typing the text you will be reading(are in fact reading [wow, temporal mind-fuck]) at 38,000 feet over - let's turn on the in-flight video and check - over the Bering Sea. Won't be typing for much longer (not counting the day that is just about to be subtracted from his life as he skips over most of Friday) as he didn't put the correct power supply adapter in his carry-on bag.

BTW, the Wandering Clitoris post was drafted on the flight over to Vancouver and went in pretty much as written. (To all who were offended by the explicit sex -- since when is explicit sex inappropriate on the Internet? There's a concept! So it's E@L: pornographer, atheist... What vice is next? Smoking?)


Trivia: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by the inestimable Samuel T. Longhorn Clemens (Mark Twain) was the first novel ever written on a typewriter. Clemens also tried dictating a novel and that was a disaster it seems. He also lost money on a typesetting venture. Beware the technology bubble!


The Great Dictator: Speaking of which, what is the Greatest Novel ever dictated? Not sure, but Ford Maddox Ford dictated his classic novel The Good Soldier to his constantly attendant seckertree, a fact that turned E@L decidedly against it (and him as a "writer") for some reason.

Q: Anyone know of any other "great" authors who dictated their novels?

A: Dostoyevsky dictated The Gambler, at least. E@L has not lost any respect for Fyodor because of this, however.

Note that E@L is a mass of contradictions.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am [Expat@] large, I contain multitudes.)
Whitman, Leaves of Grass. Mostly.

(BTW, E@L scored 56% on that Greatest Novel reading list, how about you?)


Good Question: Lewis Lapham, with tongue liberally in cheek: "It does no good asking the weakling pointless question, "Is America a fascist state?" We must ask instead, in a major rather than minor key, "Can we make America the best damn fascist state the world has ever seen?" (Harper's Magazine, Oct 2005 - E@L was reading it on the plane. Emphasis mine.)

Hey, Singaporeans, we (OK, you) can't let America beat us in this noble quest! We must become a Fascism Hub! (Looks around; dude, it's a done thing!) But the restrictions to freedom we have been lucky enough to take for granted for decades, America and now Australia have had to legislate for especially!


Interesting Statistic: Percentage of all U.S. foreign aid that goes to helping the recipients buy U.S.-produced weapons, equipment or services - ~25% (Harper's Magazine, Oct 2005)



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 05 | 2:35 am | Profile


i plan some of my entries too. but only to summarise it into a reader-friendly entry because i think if every one of my entries were thousand-word long essays, nobody'd read them either.

i guess with bloggers being threatened all over the world now people are just more careful.

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 01, 05 | 4:22 am

I was TOTALLY exaggerating, I DO draft many of the longer or more serious posts, those with ideas that I have been tossing around in my head for some time. Those are often over 1000 words. You'd be surprised how many people prefer a reasoned argument over an explosive unsupported opinion.. Negatively surprised.

And with lots of REALLY REALLY popular blogs, the blogger just types a small intro and then cut'n'pastes a large newspaper article! At least with one of our long (boring?) blogs, they get us, real people, not some journalist, leh?

But often I just sit down, open the "new entry" page and watch in awe (sometimes horror) at what streams out... The spell-checker line is a joke, because of how many typos I manage to put in...

And Mainey, when do you sleep? Posting at 4:22am? (OMG! Just checked your blog - you NEVER post before midnight!!!! Lucky you are on afternoon shift at the store!)

I have an excuse too, jet-lag, for posting at 2:30 am (then spending 1 extra hour editing and correcting the links) and then reading comments only a few hours later.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 05 | 7:18 am

i know! isn't it terrible!

i basically lead a life of horrible habitual practices.

but really i think i've spent more than half my life sleeping during the day rather than night.

i smoke, drink occasionally (but when i do i get trashed), and eat whenever i feel like it. and except bathroom rituals, practically nothing i do is regular.

in short, i myself am deeply amazed that i have not yet keeled over and died from

Posted by: Mainebabe on Oct 03, 05 | 12:25 am

so pretty much a normal 20 year old's lifestyle... Seriously though, drop the smoking. Bad juju.

I had a similar life when I was 20, but it was from getting up in the middle of the night to feed / change / amuse No1Son@Home ...

(See him here He grew up OK.)

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 03, 05 | 12:50 am


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