Thursday Evening Drinks

How about an evening of quiet cocktails, wine and/or beer in the balmy tropical night air at Breeze on the roof of the Scarlet Hotel in Erskine Rd, Chinatown? This Thursday.

(You'll have to log on to the NYT to read the article, but it's currently free and it's a damn good newspaper - despite Thomas Friedman's crap about Singapore politics...)

Photo: Mark Nagle, New York Times

We went there on Saturday night after a meal elsewhere and were most impressed by the friendliness of the staff and the reasonable prices - then bingo! there's an article about it in the NYT next day! (Sorry, he refuses to go to Brewerkz as suggested by MM. That's his Sunday breakfast venue, to go there at any other time would destroy the magic... Plus the chairs are shite.)

Unless he was accompanied by SPG!

So OK Breeze it is.

Say 9pm onwards. Have 2 starters so far. Any other bloggers who don't mind getting pissed on a work-night interested? OK you don't HAVE to get pissed...

Let E@L know ASAP as he'll need to make a booking.




Posted by: expat@large on Sep 20, 05 | 10:05 pm | Profile


i'll be there.wife has been duly notified.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Sep 21, 05 | 8:05 am

just checking, but is this a only-bloggers-we've-gotten-sloshed-with-before outing?

or are the rest of us mere mortals invited as well?

*if only i could find the damned place without taking a cab*

Posted by: Mainebabe on Sep 21, 05 | 9:32 pm

Of course! We Need You! E@L Needs You! (oops don't sound TOO desperate there) All mere mortals and/or bloggers who speak something close enough to English and have decent table manners (private - non-blogger - joke) and are willing to share hilarious anecdotes (or not) are welcome. (& I promise that was the last private joke EVER!)

Of course if you do come, you'll qualify for the NEXT and all subsequent "only-bloggers-we've-gotten-sloshed-with-before" outings! Cool!!

Seriously, only MM and I turned up last time! But we are fun guys. Please come!

Get off at Chinatown, cross the road, go down Cross St, turn right into South St (or further on is Club St (but you'll be distracted by the cool bars)) and there's Erskine Rd only about a 5min walk down from the station. Up on the top floor, ask for Phil's table. Haven't actually booked yet, but skool...

Be there or be... somewhere else...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 21, 05 | 10:14 pm

This post must have been linked by somebody - I'm getting a heap (60ish that's a hell of a lot for E@L) of hits already...

If any lurkers are interested, drop me an email at and let me know if you are coming - as I say I need to make a booking as it's not that big a place.

Do not plan one of those mob-thing...

[Ah, he said (after doing some delving into the stats program) it's MM hisself of course. Notice how much less... PROLIX he is than me, how much more SUCCINCT.

Something to do with being a professional writer, as opposed to a diletante blabbermouth after a bottle of wine E@L guesses. Truly, that Alsace Gewurtztraminer was FULL just an hour ago. WTF happened???]

And of course you are all welcome. That is why the invitation is Public Domain! With the proviso that E@L's Platinum Visa is NOT going to cover your Flaming Lamborghinis, mK?

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 21, 05 | 10:19 pm

you've so convinced me. thanks for the directions. (*scribbles furiously*) will so be there. 9 was it?

(not to sound too desperate, but i've already taken off work early tomorrow. before i saw your reply. before i checked my wallet for cash, and before i checked the drawer for unused condoms the ex might have left.)


Posted by: Mainebabe on Sep 22, 05 | 1:22 am

You can leave the used ones at home ... mK?

And like, "so" is so sarcastic in my book, so that means you WON'T be coming? Or will you? SO confused...

Anyway E@L'll be there. You know what he looks like - go to Flickr...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 22, 05 | 2:22 am

SOrry for the confusion darling. i'll be there, if i don't get lost first. you know how women are with directions.

if i do, i'll be performing sexual favours in return for the use of the closest internet-enabled facility in order to email you my most fervent apologies.
this will be the first time i am meeting anyone without the buffer of a cellphone number.

see you, and MM there.

Posted by: Mainebabe on Sep 22, 05 | 3:55 am

K, C U there.

And Oh I won't have my laptop, so no point in emailing..

Anyone else brave enough?

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 22, 05 | 9:44 am

107 views? My my.

Ahaha, this would have been one blogger convention I would enjoy, but I am studying waterfalls now.

Yeah, in general, screw isms, screw xeno-phobia and have fun.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Sep 22, 05 | 6:13 pm

XB, many views do not many turneth up maketh... eth.. eth... ah, screw all 3 letter suffixes..

E@L's favorite waterfall was in Tahiti - swimming naked in the pool as a light rain was falling... a sight fortunately no sentient beings were forced to witness...

He did it to savor the moment!

Not THEN, but NOW, the moment of telling everybody he did it!

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 22, 05 | 7:47 pm


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