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... for a blog in the taxi, but I forgot what it was...


Here's another. Why do DFS Duty Free in Changi Airport positively cook their wines under warm lights of the display cabinet? Do they think I'm going to pay $68 for a bottle of Penfolds St Henri when it hasn't been looked after?

I have had this extraordinary run of bad wines purchased here in Singapore. I'd say only five of the last 15 I bought here were drinkable.

The rest were dull, flat, stale and unpalatable, as The Bard nearly said.

Just maybe the Carrefours and Cold Storage don't have a clue about looking after their wine stocks, or maybe there's something in the way the ship the plonk over? Anyway it's positively disheartening, and I have become conditioned to expect that most wines on the shelves here are off -- so my Pavlovian/Skinnerian response is to drink gin and tonic instead.

Some of the good bottles I bought at that wine place in the driveway of the Orchard Parade Hotel, on the corner at Tanglin Rd: whatever it's called - they sell cigars as well. A coupla bottles of Padthaway's Henry's Drive Shiraz were "Yummy."


Oh yeah, that's right.

Speaking of conditioning (psychological, not air), I am going to be expecting Business Class upgrades on Singapore Airlines all the time now. In 12 months of flying almost exclusively with them, I had received absolutely ZIP check-in upgrades. Cathay Pacific used to upgrade me maybe one in four of five flights.

But I have been upgraded twice now, both in the last three weeks. Skinnerian research into rats and chickens would tell me that such intermittent reinforcement is the strongest, in a "behaviourist" sense (I Could Be Wrong on this, as on so many other things.)

Either that's why they're doing it, just to get my hopes up, or they've upgraded their upgrade policy.


Speaking of which, a sign on the Bangkok Immigration says, "We apologize for delay while we upgrade the new system."

Do they mean they are upgrading the OLD system?

Or are they installing a NEW system?

Chances are after they will have to reinstall the OLD system again sometime soon, just to get people through a bit freaking faster! SMILE! Cerchunk!

(Yes, they have these web-cam things on Triffid-like stalks to take your photo now, both coming in and going out. And oh haven't those bags under the eyes gotten worse in the last three days!)



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 17, 05 | 6:49 pm | Profile


oh din know the taste of wine would change that much!

Posted by: candyfeehily on Sep 18, 05 | 1:27 pm

The freshness and spark of berry flavors in a young(ish) Shiraz (he sighs)... you have to nourish a wine even in the bottle to keep that spirit alive for as long as possible. Then the aging process converts that to richness and full lusciousness... Heat the wine and it oxidizes the tannins too quickly, before maturation can develop any complexity. All you have left is the corpse of the grapes in alcohol.

Not an OFF wine, just a DULL wine.

But if you let it sit in a cool dark room, like maybe a CELLAR over five to ten years, the process changes the wine from something young and fiesty into something mature and strong. Unpredictable into reliable.

Other than that I don't drink wine, it gives me sinus issues....

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 18, 05 | 1:58 pm

that wine fermentation process sound quite... erotic?

other than that hehe alcohol give mi skin rashes...

Posted by: candyfeehily on Sep 18, 05 | 7:12 pm

If you find sitting in a cellar for five years erotic...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 19, 05 | 1:41 am


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