Sturm und Drang!

Fucking HUMUNGOUS storm going on here - the windows are rattling from the thunder, the lightning is right outside my window! Instant black/white reversal lighting fx straight from a 60's horror movie / thunder like monstrous deafening whip-cracks that burst into your chest and rattle your lungs!!!

Tried about 20 photos with long exposure but kept missin-- FUCK !CRACK! there's another giant burst right by my window...

Nothing like the sweaty tropics! Time for another G&T.


p.s. the aircon has been fixed in E@L's bedroom - it is safe to re-enter.

Shit, just missed another bolt...



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 12, 05 | 7:12 pm | Profile


Sturm and Drang ... ahaha, you are one naughty teen, Mr Large and Expat. No more Writers' Festival for you.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Sep 13, 05 | 9:20 pm


As per usual, E@L has no fucking idea what Xenoboy is on about... Was he being clevererer than he thought?

Und that's "Sturm UND Drang" - you political if not literary savant.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 13, 05 | 9:42 pm

chill "lah" dude, ahaha, i am no literary savant indeed.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Sep 14, 05 | 12:47 am

Oh yes, of course lah! Palm forehead slap! E@L can't forgive hisself for missing the obvious reference!

That piece of work is right up there with The DaVinci Code, as the MUST READ Psych 101 paper in the forefront of modern literary consciousness... NOT!

E@L was in fact referring to the pre-romantic literary movement in late 18thC Germany, reaching it's popular aptheosis in the Goethe's "The Sorrows of Young Werther," though some would consider Schiller's play "Die Rauber", to be a more satisfying work of art.

E@L was also referring to the lightning and thunder outside his window.

And E@L is chilled! - all those G&Ts with ice, plus the aircon going full blast! In fact he's freezing!

So tell us XB, are you Mr Chen or Ms Farruggia?

(& E@L only pretends to be well-read! Ssshhh!)

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 14, 05 | 10:31 am

Gosh .. now XenoBoy slaps his forehead too for missing such an obvious reference! XenoBoy was not taught this in Sunday School at National Politische erziehungs Anstalt. XenoBoy was only taught the valkyric apOtheosis of Wagnerian Volk and to be hale and hearty.

E@L needs some hemp-induced chill before braving the vagaries of the Singapore public transport system.

Hehe btw you are funny.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Sep 14, 05 | 9:45 pm

E@L not prepared risk the hemp necktie (ironic or WHAT?) at Changi, eh?

Ihre Unwissenheit ist verständlich when it comes to this pre-pre-Wagnerian stuff: alles wird verziehen. It was Schilller whose pome "Ode to Joy" of course provides the libretto for Beethoven's 9th (played only on the white keys fro simplicity's sake). Very different from Wagner. They tell me!


Posted by: expat@large on Sep 15, 05 | 2:22 am

So widdy you are hehe

Posted by: XenoBoy on Sep 17, 05 | 3:00 am

Forgot to mention that Ms Farruggia is one mind-blowing lady. Sturmish and Drangish indeed.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Sep 17, 05 | 3:02 am


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