Immediately after E@L put up a post suggesting that the seperation of powers in Singapore (government and police) might not be exactly the ideal manifestation of the great Westminster system, and he could therefore be construed as being perhaps critical of the fucking fascist bastards people who run this town, and therefore perforce giving a political opinion on an unregistered blog, he notes that someone did a "whois" on his domain name!

Gahmen? There was a referal domain from "gov.sg" at about the same time, now he thinks about it.

Very Worrying.


The owner for his domain is anonymous and the ISP is based in CalifornEyeaA, so hopefully they can all get in Government-owned Comfort Taxi No:SHA*828H and drive off a fucking cliff together, if only there were cliffs in this flat, dull town...

And they can take that as a political statement as well.


Interestingly, John Burdett confessed that the (in)famous apology he wrote at the start of Bangkok 8 was merely to ensure that he would not lose his work visa in Thailand. (Another wonderful Asian Government.)


p.s. speaking of flat dull towns, like 20 minutes after E@L arrived at the bloggers-community-group-hug, everybody went home to bed. Seperately. E@L and young lady called "Wirl" (blog?) and a young guy called Neil, stayed on for a few minutes, feeling rather non-community minded...

E@L then went to listen to Seven Inch Snails at the Sanctuary Wisma Atria, but when they commenced the process of utterly demolishing Zep's Rock'n'Roll he had to leave.

He didn't hail a cab.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 04, 05 | 2:02 am | Profile


Good to meet you at the conference. I am glad that you found my blog. Thanks for taking the time to post.

I can't find anything to argue about now, but I'll keep coming here and I'm sure something might come up.

Posted by: cneil on Sep 04, 05 | 9:08 pm

good to meet you after everyone left, albeit briefly. i was the guy who came over to you and neil with 'wirl' after everyone else left at 9.30 (?!?!) see you around but hopefully not in jail.


Posted by: brandon on Sep 04, 05 | 11:14 pm

It was nice to have someone to talk to seeing as how all the "celebs" abandoned us. I was still running on a major adrenalin rush after my run-in with the taxi driver outside, so sorry if I sounded hyper.

cneil: me, argue? I argue with taxi drivers; with bloggers I engage in a frank and honest exchange of opinions. (I play the 'devil's advocate' a lot, just to stir a strong response... I am not really a Satanist. I just subscribe to their magazine for the photo-shoots.)

brandon: couldn't remember your name sorry. obviously I was focused elsewhere -- like on "wirl"... she's your gf, I presume? Seems a very nice lady. Majorly gorgeous in fact. And intelligent. Most important: smart, SOH... Doh, I'm getting in trouble here, aren't I?

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 05, 05 | 12:13 am

You blog belongs to the gahmen....

Posted by: bohemianlisa on Sep 05, 05 | 12:36 am

Only the gahmen could think up this color scheme, right?

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 05, 05 | 12:06 pm

Seven Inch Snails? Don't suppose that'd cause concern for a hardcore NIN fan like myself, now would it?

Posted by: TheScrewySkeptic on Sep 05, 05 | 3:03 pm

I think they said Snails. Cause, man, the snails ARE big here! No danger for HC NIN fans though - the boys get a bit friendly with the crowd during intermissions and tend to be quite merry and softcore by the end of their set. It's just 2 to 3 guys with acoustic guitars.

I remember they did a nice version of Staind's It's Been a While a few months ago. I wasn't totally happy with their riff (it's NOT an Am/7 pull-on pull-off! it's an Am/sus4 - D not G), so I worked out my own (much more accurate naturally) -- I keep going back in case they play it again to check if I heard it right, but I'm always there about 11pm and the "out-there" stuff has been disposed of in favor of "crowd" requests. You could you say it's been a while since I last heard them play something Trent-like... Unless you mean Terence Trent-Darby.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 05, 05 | 6:55 pm

this is 'wirl', it's actually 'wurh'! i blame my lousy enunciation. and yes it was really nice to meet you and the other bloggers who didn't have curfews. ;)

as for the intelligent bit, i don't think i've ever had such a in-depth (to me) discussion on ultrasound.

Posted by: wurh on Sep 05, 05 | 9:03 pm

Not all that many in depth discussions on ultrasound in Rouge after 10pm as a rule, so chances are that would have been one of the deeper ones...

I blame the lousy music in the background for not getting your name right! Couldn't be that my hearing has been bad since that Led Zeppelin concert in Kooyong in 1973.

Nice to meet you and all those other non-curfewees.

Let's catch up again! When is your BF out of town? Joking!!!! Sorta. Nah, sorry, you're too young and too cute for E@L. However you DID laugh/smile at his witticisms and that's what counts in a nice human being!

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 05, 05 | 11:25 pm

okay, i'm not letting her get an ultrasound from you, or anyone you have trained, are training, or will be training in or out of your professional capacity.

Posted by: brandon on Sep 06, 05 | 4:37 am

Fair call.

The quailty of ultrasound scanning done in Singapore is very high anyway, with or without my assistance!

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 06, 05 | 8:45 am


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