Off to the SWF again!

Heading off to Alley Bar tonight to catch up with crime writers Stephen Leather (I'm half way through "Private Dancer"), FH Battacan and John Burdett (I'm half way through "A Personal History of Thirst") talking about [cue the police sirens and bulky 40's cars bounding along the wet night-time streets a la Sin City] Crime in the City.

See you there, crime-fans.


Anyone going tomorrow night for the Bloggers Social Networking Event in Rouge? Being the only Expat-Community-Blogger in town (Mercher Machine is in Syddernee), E@L will tend to stick out a bit as per usual. Hardly anyone ever talks to him at these things. UMB came up and said hello at the blogger con but that was about it.

Why is that? Too old? Too ang moh? Too threatening in appearance? Anyone else say I look threatening I will tear their limbs off and dip into hoi-sin sauce and munch on them! Ggrrrr.

There are a heap of other interesting things* on tommorow as well, so I might not get there until late, should I go. Maybe I'll see you there, blog-fans.


*Interesting things might just happen to include Aussie Rules Final Season! Geelong v Melbourne at the MCG! See you there, sports-fans!


And hey -- just about to log-off and walk out when BUGGER! the fire alarm has gone off in the HarbourFront Center! Does this mean E@L has to take the stairs down from the 10th floor? Shit! Fingers crossed that it's a...

There's the PA again. False Alarm. Whew!



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 02, 05 | 4:31 pm | Profile


Hi E@L,
We've briefly spoke at a previous SWF event. You were on about the irony of the black box.
I did not recognise you then, until I was surfing for links to SWf website.
Thanks for the coverage.

SWF Organiser

Posted by: Mr.H on Sep 07, 05 | 11:26 am

You are welcome. All in gooood fun.

Enjoyed the show overall.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 11, 05 | 11:53 pm

hah~ i missed the event, too bad. will say hi to you next time.

btw, ur thesis is very interesting. can i link 2 ur site from mine?

Posted by: candyfeehily on Sep 12, 05 | 11:02 am

I found it very interesting, writers are real people! It was just a rumour until I went and met some of them!

Thanks for reading the thesis! That makes four people now! (Actually about 25% of my traffic...)

Don't know why people have to ask, really all this etiquette stuff is slowing down the web IMHO! - the Internet is about public domain information and opinion. If I didn't want anyone to link to it, I guess I wouldn't have put it up! So of course go ahead!


Posted by: expat@large on Sep 12, 05 | 1:04 pm

heh u can never know til u ask lah! i dun wan ppl send mi hate mail cuz i use their link/pictures w/o asking first.

as regarding to ur traffic mayb bc readers need to register to leave comment?

i was in biomed b4 so quite interested in the topic. havent read the whole thing but chewing on it slowly.


Posted by: candyfeehily on Sep 12, 05 | 1:21 pm

oh ya forgot to say will link ur site from here

Posted by: candyfeehily on Sep 12, 05 | 1:22 pm

Link done.

Registration limits spam and hate-mail. Plus I don't know how to turn it off.

And don't understand why people would not want their site to be linked. This was discussed by MrBrown, Bruce Sterling et al at the SWF.

It's like going to Disneyland and not going on any of the rides...

It's like painting a pitcure and putting it in the gallery but not letting anybody look at it...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 12, 05 | 3:11 pm

good job promoting disneyland. :-P

well i had ppl who flamed mi for "visiting" their site. i did not even leave a comment but she apparent traced my IP address n came to my site asking mi stop visit hers!!!! *gasp* would have brought this up at swf if i were there. oh well....

Posted by: candyfeehily on Sep 12, 05 | 3:15 pm

Wow! That person needs some therapy and some instruction on the purpose of the internet. If she wants to keep her site a secret there are ways - like not using the web, but keeping a paper diary instead... but the general rule:

There Is No Privacy On The Internet. Deal With It.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 12, 05 | 5:30 pm


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