Secret of Success? -- The Gamen's fault (as usual!)

Success? By which E@L means "a rise to prominence"... not necessarily prolonged.

Find something and become obsessed about it. Wait for that topic to become sexy.

He is sorry but this is never going to apply to science-fiction fans. It was geek central there at The Pod tonight. Triumph the Comic Insult -Dog would have had a field day. Everyone seemed to have some bizarre physical deformity that would make them moderately unacceptable in daylight to sensitive people and small children. Sorry, but S-F fans are one fucking ugly bunch.

Bruce Stering was back with his drawl, along with an energetic and chronically enthusiastic (even when doom-saying) Robert J. Sawyer, and a rather jaded (in a nice sense) and philosophical Norman Spinrad who unfortunately EL had never heard of previously (not being obsessed with S-F) but who requires research.

The topic: The Future is Already Here: Is There a Place for Science Fiction in the 21st Century?

Quotes (or WTTE) of the Evening:

1:) "I waarry about the damage that Signs Fiction is doing our critical faculties if someone can believe that Dune is a great novel." Bruce Sterling.

2:) "No, that's wrong. Clarke was wrong. Any sufficiently advanced technology will be self-explanatory." Norman Spinrad.

3:) E@L has forgotten. It was something good. He laughed. Robert Sawyer.

4:) "I larve the way real scientists blanch when I tell them I am a Science-Fiction writer." Bruce Sterling.

5:) "How long can we keep watching these things happen to our Planet and do absolutely nothing about it? Global warming has been with us for like, 30 YEARS! When will it Crystalize? Do we need a Rock Hudson Moment? Do we need, like, a Celebrity to die of Global Warming before anyone accepts this as a FACT?" Bruce Sterling.

Take home message: These guys think very deeply about the world and what they write about it. They are obsessed about thinking about science and fiction and its effect on people. Thinking all the time. They are professional thinkers. About the world and the implications of what the world can be, and what people can do, thanks to technology and science, or what they can do to stop it when it gets out of control! And it is sexy, E@L guesses.

Of course they may write shit as a result of thinking WAY too much, for they certainly talked a lot of shit tonight but in the end it was very entertaining and amusing shit.

Out-Of-This-World Ideas and Amazing Concepts popping out everywhere - must be what other people feel like when they have a dinner party with E@L!


E@L abused the taxi driver tonight on the way home after nasi padang and beer at the small hawker centre on Victoria Rd. opposite the National Library.

E@L (in exaspersingaporation): Why the fuck do none of you taxi-drivering bastards know where my street is? It is only been a part of central Singapore for 30 years or so. How long have you been driving? How can you do this job, if you do not know the streets?

Taxi Driver: The Gamen (Government)! Gamen have no no care for pensioner, cannot live on money from Gamen. Must drive taxi. Get job, cannot. Taken by foreigner. I construction worker. For long time never drive taxi. Maybe tomorrow do something else for work. Don't know much about where to drive in Singapore. Singapore people live in HDB flat, Singapore people not know area of Expat, new building estate. Ne'er been. That why cannot.

E@L: Who owns your taxi?

TaxiDriver: The Gamen! Own everything. Take money for everything. Nothing for Singapore people. European people, Australian, Gamen look after old people. Not in Singapore.

E@L: (Thinks) Fat lot of good the Australian Gamen's care will do me as I throw myself out the fourth floor of my Pattaya hotel in fifteen years time after having squandered his expat- life-savings on tropical hookers and associated low-life thrills...

For so perish all Expats@Large ---


OK, OK, E@L apologises to the oppressed taxi-driverers of Singapore. He was a little pissed, physically and spiritually. A Tiger or two in his tank.

However, some humble words of advice to you beleagured taxi-driverers out there: clutch; gear-shift.

Get a book and learn how to use them effectively - even more important than The Knowledge.



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 29, 05 | 10:55 pm | Profile


"Fat lot of good the Australian Gamenís care will do me as I throw myself out the fourth floor of my Pattaya hotel in fifteen years time after having squandered his expat- life-savings on tropical hookers and associated low-life thrills."

OK, It's time to stop squandering your savings and transfer some money over to your son. I seem to remember having earned the reputation of being "good with money" somehow (exactly how I earned this reputation beats the shit out of me)...

Also, I seem to be logged in as you... Think of this is as the voice of your long-banished conscience speaking to you via your blog while you are squandering your expat- life-savings on tropical hookers.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 31, 05 | 10:07 pm

Get a hair-cut and a real job, and clear the cookies from you computer while you're at it you ungrateful skinny, curly-haired galoot... or I really WILL spend all your inheritance on hookers... as if I have money left anyway - and it's NOT my fault you didn't learn to swim... or to drive a car... and if you'd studied instead of playing NBA Basketball on the Amiga all through high-school you'd be somebody rich and important by now and I wouldn't have to work at all!

OK what about buying a flat in Singapore, would that be a good investement? (laughs up sleeve...)


For those of you confused by this - E@L logged on from Son@Home's computer last week when he was in Melbourne and now it looks like the entire Security of the Free World has been compromised.


Shit, I'll have to think of a new password!

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 31, 05 | 11:03 pm


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