And as for Golf...

It certainly is a a good walk spoiled. (That quote has been variously attributed to Oscar Wilde, G. Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, and most recently E@L's brother-in-law...) Before attending Bruce Sterling's lecture in the Pod (13th floor of the new National Library - excellent panorama of North, South and East Singapore!) E@L played golf at the Palm Villa Resort in Malaysia. Or did Golf play with Him?

Front Nine: E@L was ON FIRE! SIX (6) pars! Incredible stuff! Definitely E@L's best results for 9 holes EVER. Three double bogeys to go with those pars mind you. Out in 42! Amazing!

Back Nine: E@L was a burned-out ruin. One (1) par and the rest double, triple, quantruple, you-namuple-it bogeys. Including three lost balls and three triple putts, one from 2 feet. Three putting from 2 feet! Groan! That is bad. Back in 55. Disgusting.




Posted by: expat@large on Aug 28, 05 | 11:44 am | Profile


SIX Pars! I hate you! I was feeling pretty god the other day when I had 5 out of the first 6 including a chip in par on 5.

Its still a 97. The way I play, I'd be grateful and go drink beer. What pisses me off is usually the S.O. gets a 92.....of cours she shoots from the red tees......

Like I said before, when she plays 16 from the whites, then I will acknowledge she is a better golfer than me.

Next time you come to Japan let me know, I can get you a good deal on golf here........

Posted by: Skippy-san on Aug 30, 05 | 5:21 pm

"feeling pretty god"? A typo I presume - but I was feeling like the God of Golf on that front nine too! I knew it wouldn't last though when I lost the first ball off the tee on the 10th.

Our Japan factory is way out in the boon-docks in Ome-shi. When I go there 2-3 times a year, I hardly get time to go anywhere nice for dinner let alone find time for golf.

Though it would be good: maybe I could get some tips from the SO!

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 30, 05 | 8:05 pm


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