Not doing much 'cept eating and talking

In Melbourne: nice and sunny, but shite and onions the wind is cold.

Work has been a bit of a fizzer, but the food is fucking great. Dessert tonight I have to describe as The Bread & Butter Pudding That Ate Cleveland. Monstrously delicious calorie delivery device. With an Amoretto coffee... droool...

Is super modernized bread and butter pudding the trendoid desert were you are, sturdy and dependable readers? All four of you. Or is it just Australia? This one had lashings of strawberry jam baked into the thick chunky crust and chunky walnut chunks all through it. With vanilla ice-cream... chunky droool...


Gym tomorrow morning for Chunky@Large as punishment for the B&B pudding!


Guffaw guffaw. A mate has just won a job with a company that makes "testicular and penile implants".


Popped into the Crown Casino and reconvinced myself that these poverty-enhancing devices designed to further tax the poor are concentrations of all the evil that exists on the earth. Having said that E@L could not find a prostitute for neither love nor money!

Hey isn't that wierdly appropriate expression! Sometimes I so amuse myself... Sometimes I have to...


In the tea-room of a medical clinic today waiting for a potential customer while the nurses and staff had their lunches. All these people talk about here is what was on television last night.

Except my son, his girlfriend and their house-guest. As they have no TV, they sit and talk all night about anything. It was amazing. Conversation. Topics of relevance to the advancement of human endevaour. Can't remember exactly what was said, but I think world poverty was solved (just add Bono), peace was attained on earth (just remove Bush) and Australia retained the Ashes (just get the batsmen to make runs).

WTF? Talk? TV? Don't these people have blogs to attend to?



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 18, 05 | 10:04 pm | Profile


"Having said that E@L could not find a prostitute for neither love nor money."

so apt I almost dropped my bacon sandwich.

Quote of the Week!

Posted by: singabloodypore on Aug 21, 05 | 2:55 am

eating and talking. better than eating and crying...

hey, thanks for shooting the breeze with me the other night (he said, belatedly)

Posted by: MercerMachine on Aug 22, 05 | 10:48 pm

SBP: Sure it wasn't a haggis sandwich with a nice sambal? Some guy was seriously bashed up at the casino that night - I was neither perpetrator nor victim. Glad I got my bread and butter pudding down and moved o

MM: Thought you'd dropped off the planet?! Thought maybe I'd scared you off blogging - the weirdos you meet! Me, not you! & SRV Rocks!

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 22, 05 | 11:23 pm


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